“The article helps you achieve great goals and overcome spiritual obstacles and promote the development of yourself”

Mistake: Unknown target

“I will try my best” can be a motivated oath but it can destroy your winning mentality. “The oath like this often vague that you tend to delay” - according to professor Gary Latham, Ph.D., University of Toronto, specialized in organization effective management. As a result, you do not put all energy and finish your job in a disappointing way.

Solution: To achieve goal, write down a clear, feasible objective and challenge with a limited time. Specific objectives help you focus, increase effort and keep determination in a long time. When you've got an action plan with detailed schedule, you will be hard to give up goals. Note that only focus on 3-5 major goals at a time, so many goals will make you distract and ruin everything.

Mistake: challenge your will too much

We spent 3-4 hours a day to repeat the things we want. This makes you feel suspicious of your goals and takes time to recalculate the job. When be abused many times, your willpower will reduced, the studies showed that, in this time, the brain will decide quickly, or give up. “Once your will ends, you will feel afraid to make complex decisions. Instead of overcome psychological barriers and decide what is best, you just see things in one direction as the cheapest option and select it. The more careful you consider the goals, the more will you lose and tend to ignore that goal”- according to expert Baumeister.

Solution: Try to remove the negative thoughts, such as redirection driver on the way home to visit a favorite restaurant. Besides, you need to get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet, when the will is reduced, the brain needs glucose, but it would be better if there is a substance to stabilize blood glucose levels in the long run, a substance such as protein.

Mistake: Forgetting the real purpose of yourself

Description: Forgetting the real purpose of yourself

You put all the energy and determination for the initial goal? In fact, this will fade away as your motivation is influenced by other factors. For example, “When you have just entered the campaign to lose weight, you will feel very excited by the desire to have a more beautiful body, not thinking about the aspects that you must eat less and do exercise more” - said Kelly Webber - Ph.D, P.D, Journal researcher of Nutrition Education and Behavior. Webber recognized that the goals associated with needs and personal desires will bring greater impetus. She pointed out that women who make dieting at 4th week will be more excited, because they believe they will lose weight after 16 training weeks and this goal is nearing completion.

Solution: To help yourself in a state of full motivation and determination, let find a family member, a friend or an expert to motivate you when things get tough.

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