Jake’s character is able to take on another man’s identity and relive the last eight minutes of his life over and over again. Your character falls for him. Do you think it’s possible to fall in love with somebody in eight minutes?

Description: Michelle Monaghan and husband Peter White

Michelle Monaghan and husband Peter White take their adorable daughter Willow out for a family day at the Brentwood Country Mart

MM: I don’t know about falling deeply in love, but I was certainly drawn to my husband when I first met him. I definitely knew there was something more to explore; I knew I wanted to kiss him! Something happens in the body when people fall in love; a real kick-start of endorphins – all those good little things that run around inside your body.

Are there any moments in your own life you’d like to relive?

Description: Paula and Julian hung out with Michelle Monaghan and her daughter

Paula and Julian hung out with Michelle Monaghan and her daughter

MM: Some people might say I’m crazy, but I’d say the birth of my daughter for sure. I intend to do it again – not necessarily her birth, of course! But those are profound moments in life – my life, her life and my husband’s life. Those are the ones I’d relive.

While we’re playing make-believe, are there any moments in your life you would change?

MM: Of course, but I can’t say them here! Everybody has moments like that, but you can’t regret them entirely because, then, who would you be? You learn from all those things – that’s life.

And are there any events you wish could have been prevented?

MM: 9/11 – in a heartbeat. I was downtown when it happened, and I think when anyone sees something so tragic they think of how life could have been different had it not occurred.

Tell us about your latest film, Machine Gun Preacher…

MM: I’m really excited about this film. It’s a powerful drama based on a true story about two people who live a fast life, doing things that are perhaps morally questionable. They find God, and Sam Childers, my husband in the film (played by Gerard Butler), goes to Sudan as a missionary. He witnesses victims of the Sudanese war – in particular, the child soldiers – and starts an orphanage for them. The film is about his journey as a missionary-turned-mercenary and how it’s kind of a grey area. This story is not all black and white, but it’s very powerfull. And Marc Forster is a fantastic director. He’s a genius – an incredible filmmaker.

As a mother yourself, it ust have been tough for you to see child soldiers, even if they were actors…

MM: Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to witness any of that as my role was shot entirely in Detroit. But I read a lot and we all know what’s going on over there. It’s horrific to see suffering like that – nothing compares.

It must be tricky being a mother and actress in Hollywood. How do you manage it?

MM: I’m not any different to anybody else in this world. Everyone knows how challenging it is to juggle work and parenting, but I don’t think anybody would trade it for a million dollars. It’s just the greatest thing I’ve ever done – we’ve ever done. I’d be lost without my husband and parents.

Do you turn projects down if, for example, they require you to spend three months in Morocco?

MM: It’s tricky, and as Willow gets older and starts going to school it’s only going to get more complicated. So it’s a real juggle. At the start or end of each day, my husband and I look at each other and go: “Okay, what are your priorities for tomorrow? What do you need to get done? I need to get this done, all right, so I’m going to go here with her. And what time are you going to be home? Two o’clock? Okay, so I’ll schedule my meeting after that.” The only way to make it work is to help each other to be the best parents we can be, but also to be respectful of each other.

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