Machine Gun Preacher and Source Code are two very different movies. Is there one specific genre that you’re more comfortable with?

MM: I like them all, in fact, I love them all. Still, it depends on the day, I suppose. Comedy is something I don’t think I’ll ever feel comfortable in. I enjoy it, but it’s tough always trying to be funny or “on”. I have real respect for comedic actors because if you’re having a bad day you can use it in a drama, just go with it, but that’s hard with comedy. I try to be as diverse as possible. They are all parts of my personality and there are so many directors and actors to work with. I’m always looking for great material. I’d love to do a psychological thriller…

Description: Michelle Monaghan

Your movies are usually full of adrenaline and in real life you’re running a marathon – are you the kind of person who can’t sit still?

MM: Oh no! You have no idea how lazy I am. But I do like to set goals. My husband asked me if I’m going to run the New York City Marathon after (cross my fingers) I finish this one. I told him: “Maybe” But whether it’s acting – in a film or on stage – or producing, I have goals that I try to work towards. So it’s more about being driven than not being able to sit still.

What do you do if you have a spare moment to yourself? Take a bath or read a book?

MM: I haven’t had a bath in years! I’m not a bath kind of gal. I like to get a manicure or have a massage. I like to shop. I go to flea markets a lot – that’s something I really enjoy doing. And I love to bake. If I have a free afternoon I’ll bake with my daughter.

You don’t have a Twitter account. How are you when it comes to gadgets and technology in general?

MM: I’m so, so bad. My husband is into computers. He gets all that, so I’m constantly saying, “Honey, how do I download the photos again?” And: “How do I send more than one photo to somebody?” And he’ll say; “How many times do I have to show you?” It’s embarrassing actually. My daughter will be better at it than I am.

She’ll be asking you for an iPod Touch in two years…

MM: Oh, she’s already getting into my phone. I’ll put it down, then look over and she’s looking at photos and pressing “play”. She’ll be watching herself eat corn on the cob or something!

Michelle’s men

Michelle Monaghan dishes on some of the guys she’s shared screen time with

Gerard Butler

Machine Gun Precher (2012)

Description: MM and Gerard Butler

“He’s really playful and fun; he likes to joke”

Jake Gyllenhaal

Source Code (2011)

Description: MM and Jake Gyllenhaal

“Once you get to know him, he’s really outgoing, fun-loving guy”

Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible III (2006) and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

Description: MM and Tom Cruise

“I do hope I made Tom giggle a bit, because he’s not as serious as people make out”

Shia Labeouf

Eagle Eye (2008)

Description: MM and Shia Labeouf

“I love Shia. He’s just a dynamite actor and so passionate about his work; I respect him deeply and we had a lot of fun together”

Ben Stiller

The Heartbreak Kid (2007)

Description: MM and Ben Stiller

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