Libby’s Celebrating 10 Years with a New Look

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Ten years ago, Libby Cockerham began living her dream and opened the doors to her fashion boutique in the heart of Jefferson. Bringing with her practically a lifetime of retail experience accumulated in the shadows of her late father from Jon Marc’s Department Store- Libby followed her heart and took appropriate steps to keep the memories alive.

Opening Libby’s was a good move for the 3,000 plus customer-base that Libby and her dedicated staff have accrued through the years.

As Libby’s prepares to mark this major milestone with sales and surprises beyond Mach, customers will continue to enjoy the same friendly service upon which they have come to depend.

For the last decade, Libby’s has been providing women of the High County and beyond with “the look,” as its logo implies, that brings out their best.

Not only does the shop carry top fashion lines, but it also offers one on one consultations to match each woman with the style that best suits her body type and shape.

“We cater to real women,” Libby says, “not the ones you generally see on the cover of a fashion magazine.”

Never knew you were a triangle? Ever wondered why your favorite skirt looks better on your sister than it does on you? Libby and her staff are experts at helping women of all ages, sizes and preferences unravel the mysteries of fashion flaws and find “the look” that works for the individual.

It’s no accident that Libby’s birthday celebration coincides with the unveiling of its own new “look,” following a dramatic face-lift.

Replacing the original soft pastel walls with bold shades of lemon and lime, combined with new carpeting and stair step accessory shelving, and new external awning and sign, Libby’s is “all about women” now, more than ever.

Realizing that every woman deserves to look and feel her best, Libby’s owner provides unique clothing, distinct jewelry, shoes and other accessories to make it happen.

Regular trips to fashion markets in New York, Las Vegas and Atlanta keep Libby and her staff on target with the latest trends, from which they pick and choose items they know will work. “We know our clients and what they like,” she says.

Continuing with several clothing lines that have stood the test of time and never disappoint- Rafael, Brighton, Simon, Chang, Splendor, a ‘la carte, Sympli, Treska, Foxcroft, Spanx and Ming Wang, just to name a few Libby’s new spring fashions with their electrifying colors, prints and styles, blend well with the store’s new ambiance. “Our customers are loving the new look of it all,” Libby says

Libby and her staff take seriously the needs and wishes of their clientele by not only staying “in touch” with fashion trends, but also by hosting fashion shows, seminars and providing additional services like in home closet cleaning and wardrobe make overs.

“We try to go the extra mile to make sure that or customers make the best of not only what’s available, but also to utilize what they already have,” Libby says. “We would be doing them an injustice if we did not go to the markets and bring back items, as well as fashion tips and ideas that complement their lifestyles.”

In addition to the one on one consultation Libby and her staff offer, she also publishes a quarterly newsletter for more than 3,000 customers, that always includes the latest fashion news, as well as information about store promotions, special events, family fun and community service opportunities.

The importance of doing for others is evident during conversation with Libby whether faith focused efforts or through supporting such organizations as Hospice of Ashe.

As an expression of her appreciation for the care that Hospice gave to her father and their family during his illness and death, Libby established the annual “Libby Card.”

The Cards, limited to 50 each year, sell for $10, which is donated directly to Hospice; the benefits to the cardholder are numerous, including monthly discounts and other offers throughout the year. (For example, once a month, a Libby’s Card member receives a 20 percent discount on one regularly priced item and 0 percent on other purchase.) Some exclusion apply, but the benefits clearly exceed the price,

Libby’s expertise and reputation in the fashion world led her to be chosen to participate, last October, in a photo shoot at Ming Wang headquarters in Dallas, Texas, an experience that she will never forget, she says.

Making every woman’s shopping experience one to remember, Libby and her staff are ready to turn your world upside down with your new look for the upcoming spring and summer season.

“I couldn’t do what I do without my wonderful staff,” Libby says. “They are like family to me. Nancy has been with me for a long time. She attends the markets with me and handles receiving/reordering of merchandise and our data entry

Jean Williams has been with me since we opened in 2002; she does alterations and loves to help or customers find their ‘look’ Imogene Goodman has been here part time since we opened and loves to play in the jewelry/accessories. Christina Vogl has worked part time, also, since 2009.”

Beyond the boutique, Libby focuses her efforts on her family, which includes husband, Alan, their three children and three grandchildren. Weather permitting, she loves escaping to the golf course, another trait inherited from her late father.

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