Women in the 5th month of pregnancy often feel dizzy. Should they supplement iron and calcium medicine?

Description: Necessary minerals for pregnant women

Necessary minerals for pregnant women

Iron and calcium are two minerals which are necessary for women in pregnancy. Nevertheless, do not take iron and calcium whenever you are pregnant because calcium and iron in pregnant women’s blood should be controlled, lack or excess of them causes many consequences.

The risk of lacking iron and calcium

In developing process, babies often uses iron and calcium from mothers to make blood and bone for growing. Therefore, pregnant women always lack iron and calcium. They have the needs of 1.200 mg calcium per day, and 600 mg iron per day.

Besides diet, pregnant women usually take medicine iron and calcium. But if complementing arbitrarily that medicine without doctor’s instructions, you will not control if your body is in lack or excess of minerals that leads to some confusion: 

Lack of iron

Babies have the risk of malnourished, underweight, and pregnant women are easy to miscarriage or give a premature birth, which affects constitution and intelligence of babies in the future. Mother can have anemia, fatigue and increase the risk of infection.

If women lack iron in pregnancy, it will lead to premature birth and fetal deformity. Therefore, in the first months of pregnancy, doctors recommend that pregnant women have to take enough iron.

Lack of iron is concerned to a quarter of death in pregnant women, raises obstetric complications, especially bleeding after birth. Adding iron by diet will be easy to control and safer than that by medicine.

However, pregnant women still take iron medicine, but supplementing them arbitrarily without doctor’s assignment can lead to excess of iron causing to damage organs such as cirrhosis, diabetes by pancreatic and cardiovascular dysfunction.

Lack of calcium

If supplying calcium in pregnancy is not enough, the body will mobilize the calcium from mothers’ bones and teeth to ensure amount of calcium for babies that, which causes many symptoms including cramps, muscle pain, especially in the last three months, leading to osteoporosis, tooth decay in mother after birth.

For baby, lack of calcium will affect building bone and tooth germ from fetal stage that is the reason for defection on bones and teeth (can last to adulthood).

Babies can be rickets, under development, have deformation of bone structure. And mothers can have pain in joint, cramps, and in severe situation can be convulsive by low blood calcium. Newborns have signs of calcium deficiency such as soft skull and wide bregmatic space.

Babies cry to cyanosis by spasm. Even convulsion causes the mother’s body to easy to fatigue, degenerate bone early, grow bone thorns, indent born, and lose born. Mothers are also injured in teeth, teeth break, backache, hip ache. For babies, after born, they will have rickets and soft bone.

Description: Pregnant women need to supplement vitamin following doctor’s guide.

Pregnant women need to supplement vitamin following doctor’s guide.

Excess of iron and calcium – more dangerous

Although not common, but the situation of women in excess of iron and calcium still exists and causes many complications during and after pregnancy, in detailed:

Excess of iron (due to supplementing more than needed)

The iron surplus can increase level of free iron in blood of fetus, raise hemoglobin concentrations in mother’s blood. This obstructs the process of creating blood normally of fetus leading to premature, underweight and increases the risk of death for women.

Mothers can have some symptoms such as diarrhea, blood in the urine, nausea, stomachache, and so on. These symptoms is usually shown about 60 minutes after taking overdose of iron, at that time pregnant women need to visit doctor immediately, not wait for diseases to get better.

The fetus may be increased calcium in blood; and when born, its fontanel is closed too early; jaw bone can be deformed, large and jutted out to the front, which are not useful for health and affect aestheticism. If a mother takes too much iron and baby absorbs nutrients from her, the buttocks of baby will have blue pieces when it is born.

However, this is benign symptom and will go away when the baby grows up. But if mother’s body is in excess of iron, she will be caught iron in some parts such as liver, which causes cirrhosis or tanning skin.

Excess of calcium

Although syndrome of calcium excess caused by diet with too much calcium is rare, if pregnant women supplement too much alkali every day (milk alkali syndrome), it may occur excess of calcium. Some signs of this syndrome are muscle spasm, constipation, frequent urination, nausea, memory disturbances, coma, and possible death.

When in excess of calcium, placenta is increased level of calcification causing to reduce the metabolism between mother and fetus, which makes the baby be under development. The mother will have constipation, dry mouth, headache, thirsty, anorexia, and fatigue; increase risk of stones in urinary tract, especially kidney stones.

The addition of too much calcium can also affect absorption of other essential trace elements, especially iron. If using milk and milk products regularly but wanting to use more calcium medicine, pregnant women should have doctor’s assignment.

Calcium excess makes the hormone creates high level of calcium in mother’s blood. If during pregnancy, the mother drinks less water, calcium cannot excrete through urine, she can be suffered from kidney stones. Furthermore, that can also damage intestinal tract affecting absorption of other nutrients.

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