Although swimming is very good for pregnant women, you should pay attention so some following notes.

Swimming is proved to bring a lot of benefits to pregnant women including reducing uncomfortable symptoms, keeping form for pregnant women and help them get back the form quickly after giving birth ... However, to keep safe when swimming, you need to follow some following principles:

Have blood pressure test before coming down to water

Not all pregnant women can swim in the water. Before swimming, you should take a test to measure blood pressure, pulse and other test. Also when going down to water, you should be accompanied by a relative.

Have blood pressure test before coming down to water

Have blood pressure test before coming down to water

Pay attention to the pool’s temperature

The temperature of water should be maintained at 29-30 degrees Celcus. This temperature will not make pregnant women’s muscles convulsive and not make them tired. Too hot water will make their temperature increase. Water below 28 degree may cause contraction of uterus leading to premature delivery or miscarriage. Besides, you should choose the time that the uterus is not easy to get contraction (around 10am to 2pm) for swimming.

Best time for swimming

The best time for swimming of pregnant women is from month 4 to month 7 in pregnancy. During that period, the fetus has reached stable period, psychological functions have started taking effect. At the end of the pregnancy, to avoid catching a cold or premature rupture of membranes, you should stop swimming.

The best time for pregnant women to swim is from 4th month to 7th month in the pregnancy

The best time for pregnant women to swim is from 4th month to 7th month in the pregnancy

Swimming position

You should swim on your back, float the body on the water, dip and move legs and arms regularly. This is a good position which can reduce backache. In addition, to avoid getting tired while swimming, you should not make strong movements. And do not stretch too much (because water has pressure so pregnant women do not notice and stretch too much).

Notice surrounding environment

Choose swimming pool which has good hygiene condition. There are always medical staffs to make pregnant women feel safe and respond in time when problem occurs.

Preparation after swimming

To keep safe when going out of water, you should leave a pair of anti-slipping sandals beside the pool to use.

Swim in outdoor pool

If weather condition is good, you should swim in the outdoor pool to avoid the unpleasant smell of chlorine. Some modern pools also use ozone instead of chlorine. Swimming in this type of pool will be more comfortable.

Do not forget to drink water

Just similar to other kinds of sport, before and after swimming, remember to supplement the water for your body. Do not think that if you soak the body in water, it will not get into dehydration.

Do not swim for long time

Pregnant women should not soak in water for so long

Pregnant women should not soak in water for so long

Do not swim for long time, and ensure that you do not get tired after swimming. After several rounds, should measure your pulse again to check if you are having excessive exercise or not. If it is too much, reduce the exercise or take a rest on the shore.

Do not dive

Diving may cause strong effect to the abdomen area. During pregnancy you should avoid activities causing pressure and impact to the abdomen. Besides, you should not jump into the pool but slowly dip the body into the water because the jumping move may influence on the abdomen.

Do not sit anywhere while wearing swimming suit

You should not sit anywhere while wearing wet swimming suit, because it is easy for bacteria to develop and penetrate into vaginal in hot and wet environment, leading to vaginitis.

Things for pregnant women to do after swimming

Take a shower after swimming but absolutely not steam bath.

Urinate right after swimming to prevent vaginitis.

Use eyewash to prevent infection of bacteria.

After swimming, the body’s temperature will decrease, pay attention to keep the body warm and supplement the water in time.

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