Below are the causes and precautions for short-sightedness.

The short-sightedness in children is increasing dramatically and becomes a serious worry of parents. According to the optometrists, the school myopia has the rapidly rising trend.

Its main cause is not fully understood. However, for a long time of research, experts realize that work which require your eyes to regulate for such a long period (have a look at small-sized numbers, read book, deal with the computer monitor…) in ill-lit conditions have the connection with short-sightedness. Besides, the genetic element, nutrition, babies who are born earlier than usual demonstrate their relation with this disease.

The short-sightedness in children is increasing dramatically and becomes a serious worry of parents.

The short-sightedness in children is increasing dramatically and becomes a serious worry of parents.

What is short-sightedness?

Short-sightedness is a refractive error which has influence on the eye focusing mechanism. Because your eyeball is long, the beam of ray will focus too far in front of the retina. As a consequence, those close objects are clear whereas distant object is blurred.

Children is likely to be short-sighted because of these causes

Children have a lack of sleep or spend less time sleeping

Especially from 7-9 years old and 12-14 years old, if they sleep less or have not enough time to sleep owing to the fact that their parents force them to study too much, they are likely to be short-sighted.

Children were underweight at birth

The vast majority of babies - who are born under the weight of 2.5kg – are short-sighted as soon as they come to their teenager.

Children were born earlier than expectation

Children who are born earlier more than 2 weeks have the tendency of being short-sighted when they start to go to school. Short-sighted parents pass down short-sightedness to their children and this influence is associated closely with their parent levels. As usual, if the parents are short-sighted less than 3 diopters, the pass-down ability is small. In case they are more than 6 diopters, the percentage of passing down this to their children is 100%.

Children watch TV too close

If children spend 2 hours every day watching TV, with the distance from their eyes to the TV is less than 3 meters, their visions will be lost dramatically.

One of the vital points of vision is proper light …

One of the vital points of vision is proper light …


One of the vital points of vision is proper light. Make sure your children have the necessary light when they read books or study. Either too strong or too dim light make their eyes tired, these above mentioned situations should be avoided. You had better not let them read books or write for such a long period of time. Do not allow them to watch TV continuously in 2-3 hours. Pay attention to their distance in reading as well as writing. The distance from their eyes to the page should be approximately 30-50 cm. The good posture should be straight. During their writing, remind them of not letting their heads slanting or not reading books when lying as well as not eating while reading magazines. Cast an eye on their nutrition. Provide them a wide range of food which includes protein along with vitamins. The harder and more intensely they study, they more you have to focus in adding more nutrition in their diet and practicing exercises as well.

Children should have an eyesight check-up at least once a year to make sure their appropriate eye vision development. In case you doubt that your children are short-sighted, take them for an eyesight check-up right away and not let them become worse. The most suitable moment for an eyesight check-up is before they go to school. Blurred eyes and vision which are not detected soon can result in the blindness in the future, especially in the essential stages of the vision development from 6 to 9 years old.

Who should have a Lasik surgery to cure short-sightedness

Lasik is a method in order to treat the refractive errors by using the refraction of a laser ray. The Lasik surgery definitely won’t hurt you in and after the surgery. In terms of theory, after the Lasik surgery, the patients are about to have better visions. However, it doesn’t take into granted that a patient after a successful surgery can read newspaper and magazines in such ill-lit environment, spend hours in front of the computer… without any concern about the ability of having the refractive errors again. Besides, not everybody’s short-sightedness can be cured by Lasik surgery. The Lasik surgery is such a significant revolution in the refractive surgery owing to its accuracy as well as its benefit of quick vision recovery after the surgery. Nevertheless, Lasik surgery is not always applicable for all short-sighted patients. As a result, if you don’t want to wear glasses, another choice for you to take part in some activities is a pair of contact lenses. If your work requires you to wear neither glasses nor contact lenses, then you can choose to be cured by Lasik surgery.

Lasik surgery is not always applicable for all short-sighted patients...

Lasik surgery is not always applicable for all short-sighted patients...


For those who are older than 40 years old, the regulation ability of their eyes will decrease with time; in other words, the diopters of long-sightedness increase. This increase relies on their health as well as their eye status. In case a short-sighted person who is older than 40 years old, he will cost twice (one for the Lasik surgery and one for the later Phaco surgery) and the accuracy of their eyes after these surgeries is not high at all.  As a result, if the short-sighted patient is more than 6 diopters and older than 40 years old, he should wait for a period of time until his cataract occurs, then these problems can be solved in just one surgery with more accuracy level.

Short-sighted diopters

If your short-sightedness is between 1 to 2 diopters and you don’t need to use a pair of glasses, then you don’t need to have surgery; owing to the fact that when you are 40 years old, a pair of long-sighted glasses is not necessary for you. If yours is more than 6 diopters, pay attention to tracking your diopter of short-sightedness and keep in your mind that surgery can only be carried out once your diopter is stable. The rate of recurrent short-sightedness will be higher than those who are less than 6 diopters. The conditions for Lasik surgery are older than 18 years old, it will deliver the best result when the diopters of short-sightedness is below 10 diopters, under 40 years old and disorder vision is less than 5 diopters.

Furthermore, the patients who will be cured by Lasik surgery are required to have stable refractive ability for at least 6 to 12 months (in a year, their increasing diopters aren’t bigger than 0.75) and have neither acute nor chronic diseases related with their eyes such as: conjunctivitis, inflammation cornea, uveitis, glaucoma, conical cornea… as well as no physical disease. This method of surgery is not applicable towards pregnant women or during their breastfeeding time. Once you are short-sighted, you had better go to meet the optometrists; in case they consult you not to have surgery, it is a good advice which you should follow. Do not put too much hope in this Lasik method and try to find somewhere to have surgery then there might be some significantly damaged results. There are cases in which their both eyes are blind after the Lasik surgery.

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