The point of time that fetus turn the head is different in every pregnant woman.

When does fetus turn its head?

From the 36th week onwards, the fetus usually curls up in the womb and the pregnancy is stable with the head turning down and the face closing to the mother's womb. However, in some cases, the position of the baby can still change: sitting or horizontal lying. Some children continue to change the position until the born moment. From the 36th week, position of the fetus has an important role in determining the pregnancy, preparing for the birth.

When Does Fetus Turn Its Head?

When Does Fetus Turn Its Head?

When will I stop morning sickness?

Morning sickness often occurs in the first three months of pregnancy and reduces in the 14th week. However, some people vomit during pregnancy. This is a normal phenomenon. If the situation happens several times a day, pregnant women should talk to the doctor for consultation and prescription.

When can we listen to fetus's heart?

Around the 7-8th week, when you examine the fetal periodic, doctors will use Doppler machine to listen to the fetal heart. In some cases, until the 10th week, doctor can hear the fetal heart. Pregnant women should not worry, this phenomenon is normal because it depends on the listening devices, techniques of the doctor, the location of the fetus.

At home, when the fetus is 26 weeks old, your husband can hear the fetal heart by putting a paper core on your abdomen, and put his ear next to it. Surely, he will be very happy to hear the baby's rhythm.

When can we feel the fetal movements?

About 16th week, pregnant women can feel the baby's movements. However, many people do not feel the change of the baby until the 20-22th weeks. From the 28th week, you can feel the baby's movements 10 times in 12 hours.

Pregnant women can feel baby’s movements on the 16th week as the earliest.

Pregnant women can feel baby’s movements on the 16th week as the earliest.

Why do pregnant women usually have vaginal contractions?

Mild contractions do not occur frequently when you start having pregnancy. Not everyone can aware this situation. Around the 7th month onwards, you start to feel the contractions very clearly. Do not worry because these contractions are the preparing for the birth pains at the end of pregnancy.

Why does the belly button protrude in pregnancy?

The mother's belly will bigger when the fetus is older. The belly button is also bigger. From the 20th week, you can see the belly button protrude. After giving birth, it can return to the old position.

Why does the belly button protrude in pregnancy?

Why does the belly button protrude in pregnancy?

Why does fetus sometimes bike more powerful?

The times that a baby bikes the womb can change every day, it is not necessarily at a certain extent. Conversely, if you see your child bike at least 10 times in 6 hours, it proves a very healthy baby.

I scare that I give birth lately

Most doctors monitor the ultrasonic process to know if you will give birth late or not and will require you to do some measures to monitor baby's activity level. If your doctor concludes that intervention is best for the baby, at that time, the doctor's mission is to ensure the safety of both mother and child. Conversely, if the doctor says you will only give birth late for a short time, you don't need to worry.

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