There is a writer who said woman was the most beautiful in wedding dress and in pregnant dress.

The bride is of course beautiful, but how about pregnant women? If they are beautiful, perhaps this is the beauty of spirit, and not all pregnant women satisfy with this.

Mother's skin’s change means the baby is healthy

Changes in skin Melasma occur during pregnancy. The most common is facial skin Melasma; dark skin in private areas such as the armpits, groin, skin folds, genitals, mid-abdominal line, breast. These changes will improve gradually after giving birth. Melasma can increase if you expose to sunlight. It can be reduced by covering when going out, so you can use more cosmetics to "makeup", the sunscreen. With darkness skin in private areas, in fact, there is no way to decrease. You should think that changing much skin showing abundant hormone, which means your child is healthy. When you get pregnant about five months or more, you will have itchy skin matter. Sometimes it leads to infection due to too much scratch. People often think that because baby is "growing hair", it makes the mother's skin itch. Science explained with congestion of bile and only anti-allergy or bile tonic can reduce this problem.

Mother's skin’s change means the baby is healthy

Mother's skin’s change means the baby is healthy

Acne also destroys the beauty of pregnancy. We can only treat to avoid pustules, skin infection, blood infection... but we cannot treat all acnes. The skin hygiene drug can be widely used but you should be careful, you need the direction of your doctor because there are some drugs for pregnant women. Beauty cosmetics or lotions can also be used as before. However, it is best to use the type you have been used, do not try new types, especially cosmetics without labels or non-label cosmetics, "heirloom" drug. Shampoo, hair making, nail making, spa ... are not prohibited in pregnancy,  but are encouraged because of helping to relax, as long as you notice instrument hygiene and have proper posture.

The breast is as in the past

Changes in the breast are also worry of pregnancy. In the first few months, the increase in breast size can make a woman look lovelier. After that, besides increasing the size of the entire breast, the size of nipples also increase, areola and nipple pigmentation also increase, there are more blood vessels in the breast, making the breast bigger and is not very nice. Besides, in the last months of pregnancy, the phenomenon of lactation happens when touching the breast. All these changes only happen in the preparation for breast-feeding after giving birth. Some mothers who have small breasts worry about not having enough milk for baby.

Do not worry because the lactation does not depend on the breast size. Some mothers have too much change in the breast, and they are worried that their breast may be as beautiful as in the past. This concern is useless because all changes are due to the hormonal status during pregnancy. After giving birth and ending lactation, the breast will be beautiful as in the past, the hormone is back to normal.

When the fetus is big, pregnant women now have more "volume" in the front. To ensure a well-balanced position, the back muscles must work more, the spine must bend in the waist, walking posture is slightly apart to create a good balance.

Therefore, a pair of high-heels you wear when you are young will make you are easy to lose balance. Instead of that, you should use low shoes soles that have good adhesion to avoid slippery. Subservient feminine gait is no longer suitable, the mother will have 1.5 rows or 2 rows gait. Pregnant women also complain frequently, and their husbands have to listen and "have to" find solutions with their wives. Taking rest is the best pain relief for pregnant women. You can also add other types of pain relief like cream or massage the back muscles.

Pregnant women also have the right to... take care of their beauty

Traditional comments do not like the mothers wearing beautiful during pregnancy, they explain "lose baby grace", especially when this is a girl. There is also ... fortune teller says: "too beautiful pregnant women will not have good result" and recommends pregnant women to use old clothes of the mothers who gave birth and had a healthy baby to get blessing ... Actually, the taking care of mothers in beauty has nothing wrong according to science.

During pregnancy, mothers should not forget take care their beauty.

During pregnancy, mothers should not forget take care their beauty.

However, during pregnancy, there is an increase in sweating, metabolism in the body, so the mother always feels hot. Therefore, beautifying firstly must ensure comfort needs. The wide pregnant shirts made of cotton will absorb sweat well, so that they are preferred. You shouldn't use clothes with cumbersome designs and many accessories because they can cause hot and cumbersome, especially when the fetus is big.

Wearing pregnant clothes early or late depends on each person. You can still wear these closes when your belly is still small for comfort. Fitting closes such as jeans, pull can be worn in the first months, but due to the bigger lower abdomen, you will have difficulty with tight pants. Wearing too tight pants when the fetus is big will limit the development and movement of the fetus in the abdomen; it can make the baby lightweight or have unusual position, lead to difficult born. Moreover, at 4-5 months of pregnancy, the uterus is big and inserts into the bladder, causing problems of urinating many times, the clothes that are too tight or too cumbersome will cause difficulty. Underwear should be selected based on criteria of spacious, cool and absorb sweat. Colors is only psychological factor, pregnant women can still use any color according to personal interests. Bright colors will bring cheerful and pleasure feeling.

Advice for husbands

There have been many studies show that a significant proportion of women have depression during pregnancy and after giving birth. Besides the economic and social difficulties, health anxiety also increases the change of pregnant women. In addition to medical support, the care and encouragement of husband are precious. Husbands should equip themselves a "pink glasses" during the wife's pregnancy, so they are able to see the other lovely features of their pregnant wives, they could go through an important phase in life and in marriage.

There have been many studies show that a significant proportion of women have depression during pregnancy and after giving birth

There have been many studies show that a significant proportion of women have depression during pregnancy and after giving birth.

There are some pregnant women who are more beautiful when being pregnant. Normally in thin women, weight gain due to pregnancy will make the women fatter and whiter. However, this is not the majority. Changes in skin and body change the shape. However, after nursing, all will be back to normal. If it is not, let's think that because of motherhood, sacrifice a little is okay. Husbands should not have bad behavior to changes of their wives. Please accept these changes as an essential part of family life, which all couples have to go through.

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