Picking sleepwear, undies and footwear during pregnancy is very important to expectant mothers.

Clothes for pregnancy not only beautify mothers but also play an important role for their health and babies. So, what must be taken into account when pregnant women pick these kind of wearing? We have some tips here.


Sleep is essential for expectant mothers.

In the first quarter of pregnancy, you totally can get along with usual clothes as long as they are a little loose and suitable for you.

In the second quarter, you should buy some additional clothes made of soft cotton. They must be loose enough to comfort you during sleep or you may take advantage of old maternity dresses from relatives and friends.

Sleep is essential for expectant mothers.

Sleep is essential for expectant mothers.

Pick undies

Replace old ones

In the first quarter, you are able to use usual underwear as breast and belly haven’t developed much yet. You only should stay away from pants and bras that feature hard frame and thick cushion.

In the second quarter, you ought to buy new types specialized for the pregnant. They come in larger size, quite comfortable. Just buy some because they will soon become unfit when the size of your chest and belly grow.

In the third quarter, you are recommended to replace old undies. At then, womb has developed bigger; you should choose those which are fittest and most comfortable.

Besides, in the fourth or fifth month, your chest size would develop fast. Thus, it’s advised to select extra-size undies featuring high elasticity, ventilated material and ability of penetrating sweat.

Choose bra

Avoid fashionable bras showing thick cushion or hard frame. They will drive you to gasp for breath. Bras having thin cushion, cotton layer, simple patterns and buttons lying close to breast’s front would be handy during both pregnancy and feeding-period.

Too tight bras cause you to fell pained in chest plus affect the ability of producing milk. On the contrary, too loose ones cause you difficulty as well as make your breast flabby.

Pick underwear

It’s advisory to pick undies featuring suitable size for the developing womb. There are 2 types: brief and bikini. Though, this may vary for different women.

It’s advisory to pick undies featuring suitable size for the developing womb.

It’s advisory to pick undies featuring suitable size for the developing womb.

Cotton-made panties are good at penetrating sweat and preventing gynecological problem.

Tight panties keep sweat, creating opportunity for bacteria to grow.

Note: Don’t be miserly when buying underwear. Low-quality models easily get damaged and increase your chance of getting gynecological diseases.

Choose footwear

Most women prefer high-heels as they enhance their beauty. Though, put them in your closet because they may cause you to slip during use.

It’s advised to choose sturdy and comfortable footwear with flattened bottom. If your foot gets swollen, you should pick those featuring extra size.


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