Some foods will directly affect the process of consumption.

You should have a healthy diet while conceiving.

You should have a healthy diet while conceiving.

Normally, it’s advised that couples should have a plan for about 3-6 months before pregnancy. During this time, you will get much advice from specialists, the dear ones in your family about preparations before giving birth. These are vaccinating, learning how to count the ovulation days; and eating is indispensable.

If you are having a diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, rice, protein, it means that you’re in right direction. However, there are many kinds of food that are not good for conception, so you need to pay special attention to them.

Why are there kinds of food that we shouldn’t have during conception? Eating before pregnancy has a long-term effect in your body and will affect the fetus afterwards. In addition, the main organs of the fetus usually develop right after conception - may be before the time the mother knows that she is pregnant - so eating before pregnancy will have a bad effect on the development of the baby.  

According to the advice of dietitians, before and during pregnancy, women should reduce foods rich in artificial sugar, fat and sweet and especially medicine without doctor’s prescription.

Women should reduce foods rich in artificial sugar, fat and sweet during pregnancy.

Women should reduce foods rich in artificial sugar, fat and sweet during pregnancy.

Here is a list of foods that should be avoided before and during pregnancy.



If you’re trying for a baby, from now on, cross alcohol out of your list of daily diet. The up-to-now researches have shown that alcohol is one of the direct reasons that cause birth defects during the first months of pregnancy. Besides, alcohol also inhibits the pregnant ability of some women.  


Drinks such as soft drinks, soda, cola, black tea, pain killer, chocolate and coffee… contain caffeine. Use these kinds of drinks will reduce your fertility and chance of getting pregnant. If you consume these drinks too much, you will have difficulties in conception during the whole year. Your partner should also reduce the consumption of these drinks because they reduce the quality as well as quantity of their sperm.

You should avoid foods containing caffeine when you want to conceive.

You should avoid foods containing caffeine when you want to conceive.

Soya bean and soy products

Some researches show that a big amount of protein inside soya bean can inhibit the fertility. If your reproductive health is normal, there will be no problem, but in case you have troubles with infertility, you should reduce using soya milk, tofu and soy products.


Packaged foods

You shouldn’t eat high saturated fat meat, especially those from animals which are fed because they have big effects on the production of estrogen. Eating too much processed meat is not encouraged because you can eat the additives which are harmful to your fetus. 

Raw or rare foods

Eating raw or rare food such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese… will make you have a risk of being infected by pathogenous bacteria. These bacteria not only cause bad effect to your body but also directly affect your fetus afterwards.

Fish with high mercury levels

Fish such as Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel, or Tilefish contain high level of mercury which can be agglomerated for a long time and affect your body. This level of mercury also affects the fetus’s nervous system. Therefore, during conception and even during pregnancy, you should avoid these kinds of fish.

Foods high in salt

Though these kinds of food are eye-catching and increase appetite, too high amount of salt of nitric acid and the concentration of zinc are unhealthy.

Unpasteurized foods

It’s best for you to choose fresh and natural foods; avoid using foods containing preservative substances, coloring substances, and much energy. Before eating, you should wash and peel fruits to prevent plant protection products.


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