Here is advice for you to have a healthy heart.

Protect a healthy heart

Protect a healthy heart

Though experts affirm that the potential of our heart is extremely strong and it can even work up to 140 years (the creator has programmed like that); however, the fact is that many people have problems with their heart after the age of 40.

It’s regretted that we have to witness the truth in our life: no one cares for the heart until everything is still going smoothly.

Therefore, there will be no surprise to know that recent exploration results in many European countries show that:

·         75% of the respondents do not know the harmful effect of “bad” cholesterol to the state of the capillary. 

·         92% of the public have never heard of the threats caused by the excess sugar in the blood.

·         50% of the male respondents in general don’t have the awareness of abusing alcohol which has adverse effects to the cardiac function. 

Some unnecessary mistakes

Many people have “allergies” to sport activities, unmethodical diet. Instead of a nutrient breakfast (provide enough protein, carbonhydrate, vitamins and minerals), we normally have a light breakfast, a lunch with many kinds of food and some of them are useless while your heart needs to be provided with lots of vegetables, fruits, peanut, sesame, olive oil, grains…

Besides, you just need a little bit of exercise and quiet state. In fact, you don’t need much to have a healthy heart with a moderate beat.

You can reduce the risk of heart diseases to 50% if you follow some simple instructions of cardiologist.

Advice of professor Cardio

For Some simple assignments, a group of drafting experts names as advice of professor Cardio (cardiovascular).  

1.      No smoking and stay away from cigarettes smoke

The risk of heart diseases increases by each smoked cigarette. The risk is 10 times higher than those who don’t smoke  if you “burn” a pack a day. . .

2.      Exercise

Cardiologists put forward a formula: 3x30x130, which means 30 minutes of physical exercise for 3 times a week, with a heartbeat of 130 heart rates /minute. 

3.      Eat more vegetables and fruits

You should eat more vegetables and fruits, and the minimum number is about 5 portions/day.

Eat more vegetables and fruits to protect cardiovascular systems.

Eat more vegetables and fruits to protect cardiovascular systems.

4.      Reduce animal fat (fatty pork, fat, butter, skin on milk)

For most of high-fat diets, they will automatically lead to the increase in “bad” cholesterol in the blood. This factor creates an appropriate condition for the appearance of plaque and the precipitate of them in the artery and it easily to causes blockage of blood circulation.

5.      Check blood pressure and cholesterol regularly

Blood pressure must not exceed 120/80 mm Hg. The concentration of “bad” cholesterol is under 190-200 mg.

6.      Proper rest

The heart will be overloaded and lack of oxygen, and if this condition prolongs, it may lead to heart failure if you overwork too long.

7.      Avoid stress

You should remember that among the factors that can destroy your heart, the most dangerous ones is prolonged stress. Stressful state of mind due to consequences such as family or working problems may lead to hypertension.

Concurrently, it may start a series of adverse chemical reactions in your body including a series of poisonous hormones and compounds secreted. American scientists have proven this effect in a simple experiment; in there, a blood drop (from a volunteer in happy and stressful state) is tested with special tools.

In one second, cardiac arrest can happen even to those who have never had heart diseases just because of some extremely drastic mental experiences.

Causes: stress causes sudden contraction of capillaries, and one of them are main arteries. Therefore, composedly inhale and exhale in case you suddenly fall into panic or irritation.


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