To have the most perfect baby, husband and wife must have good preparation about health and finance.

To help giving birth and bringing up children be smooth, you should prepare for this process carefully from 6 months to 1 year. You need to know that baby’s appearance can make your life reverse and you have to spend a lot of money. If you don’t have good preparation, conflict can take place between husband and wife. As a result, baby isn’t cared well.

What do you have to prepare? You can refer to some following advice:


If both of you have good health, you will easily become pregnant and fetus also develops better. So, what do you have to prepare before pregnancy?

6 months before pregnancy

If you are too thin or too fat, this is the best time for you to change your diet to ensure your weight in standard limit. You and your husband are also unanimous in stopping or giving up cigarettes, wine and stimulants… because these things will affect both sperm’s quality and increase the risk of miscarriage, fetus’s death in womb, premature or causing defect for fetus.

You and your husband need to prepare for health before pregnancy.

You and your husband need to prepare for health before pregnancy.

3 months before pregnancy

You can vaccinate some diseases such as flu, rubella because if you catch these diseases in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus will have high risk of catching inborn defect.

1 month before pregnancy

You begin to drink Fe and Folic acid medicines to prevent fetus’s defect about nerve pipe. The most important time to provide Folic acid is 1 month before pregnancy and 3 months after that time. Continue drinking Folic acid and Fe until 1 month after giving birth (you should choose iron medicines that contain 60 grams of iron element and 400 mcg of Folic acid).


Firm finance will help baby have a perfectly physical condition. Therefore, before being pregnant, you should plan this thing.

Make budget

The first thing that you have to do in this plan is making budget clearly and define how long you make this plan. By making budget, you and your husband will define the sum of money that you save every month and this thing makes you easier to save in life.

Making budget to greet lovely baby’s birth is an important thing.

Making budget to greet lovely baby’s birth is an important thing.

Reduce target

In this time, you have to remember that you are saving money and you shouldn’t spend money too much. You should think carefully about some things like going shopping or going out for meal with your friends.

Save from the smallest thing

Try to save from small items in life such as money of electricity and water bills… You should cook at home instead of going out to eat.

Divide spending items clearly

Women should divide stable spending items every month such as electricity and water bills, petrol, telephone and save an amount of money to spend for extra things that can arise in that month. To save money, we should fix spending item, save another item and do not spend it.


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