It can be a challenge to have good sleep in pregnancy.

Being pregnant will make you feel tired because your body produces stimulated elements to help fetus develop. A good sleep at night is a necessary thing; it will help you take a rest, be alert and healthy.

It seems to be simple; however, it is very difficult to have a good sleep in pregnant period. Consequently, you can follow the prompts that help you sleep well:

1.     Find comfortable position

When fetus develops, your belly also develops and hipbone stretches to hold fetus. Therefore, it makes your back and hip painful and stretch although you sleep with any posture. If you are used to turning your face upward or downward when you sleep, you should change to the posture of lying on your side. You can be unfamiliar with this posture.

You are advised to lie on your side on the left. You can put a pillow between two knees and another under your belly. You can also put a pillow behind your back.

You should lie on your side to sleep.

You should lie on your side to sleep.

Although people advise you to lie on your side on the left to optimize the quantity of blood brought to fetus, you can combine with lying on the right. Some women buy pillow that is used for pregnant women to help them sleep well and more comfortable.

When you have heartburn, you will feel comfortable if you can lie on a chair that is half of lying, half of sitting. When you go to bed, you can use pillow to put behind back and head to support. You shouldn’t avoid sharp foods, and should eat many small meals a day and take medicine to cure heartburn.

2.     Comfortable mind

You shouldn’t worry too much about work, money to raise children or colors that are used to paint children’s room. Worry will make you not sleep well. Hormone of pregnancy also makes you be stimulated and sensible. For examples, foods with a lot of sugar, drinks containing caffeine, doing exercise near the time of sleep also make you have difficult to sleep.


-       Relaxing and breathing deeply

-       Reading a funny book to feel comfortable before going to bed

-       Not bickering, checking email or watching film before going to bed

-       Doing exercise about 1 hour before sleeping ti help you reduce stress and improve sleep at night.

Read a funny book to feel comfortable before going to bed.

Read a funny book to feel comfortable before going to bed

3.     Limit losing sleep because of going to toilet

When fetus develops, you have to go to toilet many times a night. Urinary has to work to get rid of redundant liquids in pregnancy. In addition, when fetus develops, it will create pressure on bladder. As a result, you want to go to toilet continuously.


-       Suffering and not drinking water. Drinking water is very important to pregnant women.

-       Drinking before going to bed about 1 hour to pass water in the evening

-       Before going to bed, you should go to toilet. After that you lie on your side on the left to relax, read book or talk with your husband about half an hour. In this time, womb will increase pressure on bladder. Next, stand and pass water again. This thing will help you limit the ability of passing water at night.

4.     Avoid waking up due to fetus’s movement

Many babies sleeping in the daytime and at night they often move and make their mothers not to sleep well.


-       Not eating or drinking foods with a lot of sugar and caffeine before sleeping because they can stimulate babies to move.

-       If you have snack at night, you should eat foods that are rich in protein because they help the amount of sugar in your blood be stable.



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