You are tired, sore, insomnia, exhausted after a night of sleeping…Don’t worry, you’re not among a few people with that situation.

Exhaustion is a familiar condition of modern life that doctors are difficult to find the cause. In many years of doing research, Dr. Frank Lipman saw more and more people who are tired of this terrible disease. “Over 75% of people who I treat are often depressed, exhausted and suffered with physical disorders, which makes them feel older”, I call this symptom “Spent” which is commonly the feeling you lack of vitality and energy in all activities.

In Revive End Exhaustion and Feel Great Again, Lipman guided a program to help you sold “Spent” and get more energy. Modern life makes us leave the natural circulatory rhythm, so tips below will help you quickly retain the balance of life.

Description: “Spent” is commonly the feeling you lack of vitality and energy in all activities.

“Spent” is commonly the feeling you lack of vitality and energy in all activities.

1.     Enjoy a fresh breakfast

Most breakfasts contain much sugar and refined carbohydrates which are difficult to help the body store energy. To prevent exhaustion, eat food rich of protein at breakfast as healthy fats and carbohydrate. A vitamin dish which is nutritious and easy to digest is an ideal choice for the breakfast. Vitamins are often preferred because they may be combined with a variety of foods. Today you can eat more fruits but tomorrow you may eat much protein.

Avocado is considered as the great main ingredient for vitamins. They have the consistency of cream, the amount of sugar less than bananas along with healthy fats and magnesium – which are essential to help you overcome exhaustion (magnesium are also able to reduce muscle pain, headache, constipation, insomnia). Other ingredients for vitamins are rich in protein, amino acid and vitamins in vegetable powder (which are often lost in cooking process).

Description: Enjoy a fresh breakfast

Enjoy a fresh breakfast

2.     Cure inflammation

If the body is painful, you will be immediately dull and insomnia (while sleeping is an important factor to recover exhaustion). One of the regular expression of exhaustion is being sore the whole body. You will feel muscle tension and pain in shoulders, lower back, muscles and swelled joints. It is caused by damage of connective tissue – which is a thin tough layer surrounding bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and organs. Connective tissues help muscles more tough while moving and easy to connect with close muscles. They also help to treat injuries and stimulate biological chain in the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. In addition, they also dominate every moment and posture of the body.

Chronic muscle and bone pain start from damaged connective tissues. The main reason is because the body reacts against injuries which have existed before but not completely treated. To relieve pressure on connective tissues and muscle tension, you need to relax and apply treatment methods. The easiest way is using a roller by sponge (or 2 tennis balls), roll it underneath and along the body to help the body gain the balance and soothe the connective tissues. Do this method few minutes before going to bed.

3.     Do recovery exercises

If you spend every minutes of the day for doing exercises, stop it because excessive practicing is the cause making you exhausted and “spent”. Doing exercises often puts the body under pressure and stimulates opposite responses from within the body, promotes hormone which causes stress cortisol, so if you don't allow your body to rest, you will have to face to exhaustion quickly.

Our bodies only enable to operate in a short time, similar to when you observe children playing or running, you will notice that they often pause to rest before continuing to run. To treat exhaustion, you have to learn recovery exercises. Start with intense activities in the first minute, after that spend the next 3 – 4 minutes to rest or do relaxing ones. Repeat that process and apply for other exercises. For example, fast jogging in 1 minute and then, spend 3 minutes on relaxing walking with slow speed; or you may increase time of strong intensity up to 1 – 2 minutes and reduce time of light intensity down to 2 – 3 minutes if you want. This type of exercises will stimulate the body to relax; in long term, your body will automatically relax and prevent generated compounds by stress. Do not practice after 8.00pm because it will make you hard to sleep.

4.     Try music therapy

Most causes of exhaustion is that you are caught up in busy and overloading life. Music is one of relaxing method because sound waves will be inserted into your mind, help you not only relax but also promote awareness of health yourself.

Sound waves stimulate reactions in the body and affect to the pace of cells. Relaxing music helps heart rate and breathing rate slow down, bring relaxing feeling while loud music can stimulate and help you feel stronger. However, depending on personality and preference, music has different effects. For example, if you hate classical music, the sonata of Mozart can’t help you relax. Studies indicate that music therapy is only effective when you listen to your favorite genres.

Description: Try music therapy

Try music therapy

5.     Feel love

Physical touch is an essential element for health, for example, infants can’t develop perfectly without touching and carrying from the immune system of adults. Touching (for instance, hug of old friends, kiss on cheeks when greeting, embrace parents or children, massage…) stimulate the body secrete endorphins – an analgesic compound which is more effective more than heroin and morphine. Touching is the essential demand of everyone. As a tradition, we tend to treat gently and sweetly with those who need loving and protecting. You can take advantage of this element to relieve exhaustion by hugging friends, hold their hands tightly while taking a walk, or fondling your children, massage your husband or yourself…They are free methods for you to ease pressure and disease in life.

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