On Your Marks, Get Set Ohhh! (Part 1)

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Want to make his favourite sex style work for both of you? Whether he’s a sprinter, a marathon man or a fan of diving (ahem) we’ve got the answer. Get ready to become a star of track and feel…

Description: Sadly, his belly wasn’t the only thing that flopped that day

Sadly, his belly wasn’t the only thing that flopped that day

Sex and the Olympics go together like Jessica Ennis and rock-hard abs. At the last Olympic Games in Beijing, athletes were provided with 100,000 condoms (that’s more than 10 each!), and things look set to get even hotter with 150,000 condoms being shipped into London’s Olympic Village this year. But it’s not just the athletes who might want some podium-worthy action – all that Lycra is getting us a little flushed too. If you’re feeling a similar stirring, we suggest your grab your nearest male competitor and gear up for some Olympic-inspired fun. Just work out your man’s competitive style and you’ll be out of the starting blocks before the gun’s even fired…

If he’s a sprinter

Description: If he’s a sprinter ?

If he’s a sprinter ?

Sharing a bed but your climaxes aren’t even in the same postcode? Part of the reason could be that women take around 20 minutes to reach full arousal, while he’s perfectly capable of enjoying sweet post-coital dreams by then.

So how can you join in the hard-and-fast fun without feeling unsatisfied at the end of it? The key lies in separating mind and body – getting the former psyched for what the latter is about to experience. Without him around, slip into your sexiest underwear and touch yourself lightly; gently brushing your thighs and breasts will make it feel extra-hot when he takes over. Once he’s in bed with you, allow yourself a moment to conjure up the X-rated daydream that gets you going when you’re alone – you need a fast-track to orgasm, so anything goes (and it needn’t involve him, of course). Alternatively, choose a less familiar spot to get naked – kitchen table? – as the buzz will get your adrenaline pumping. If you’re not quite there and need to play catch-up, take hold of his penis and squeeze just below the head – the pressure on his urethra will push blood back down his penis and take his sexual tension down a notch.

Finally, if slow moans and gentle stroking are usually more your style, try indulging in some dirty talk and gentle hair grabbing to ramp up the tempo and have you crossing the finish line neck and neck with him – if not first.

Too fast… it could be that he’s suffering from premature ejaculation – not necessarily a problem as long as you’re both happy. If not, there are lots of things he can do about it – from mastering techniques during sex (he can do pelvic-floor exercises too), to using small and shallow movements instead of deep thrusts. And if he’s occasionally over-keen, he could be looking for swift release from stress, or he might simply be totally into you and desperate to show it. Yeah, we’re guessing that’s it.

If he’s a diver

Description: If he’s a diver

If he’s a diver

Going down on you is one of the hottest and most intimate moves a man can make – it’s no surprise that 43% of us are keen for oral sex to feature in foreplay. If your guy loves diving down below, ask him to try this knee-trembling trick. “Get him to suck you gently, as if through a straw,” says Siski Green, author of How To Blow His Mind In Bed. “Once you’re aroused, he should form an “O” with his lips to encircle your clitoris, then gently suck using his tongue and lips, pulling and releasing. It can be intense, so he should follow your cues to ensure the pressure works”

If oral doesn’t feature in his repertoire, and you frankly can’t go without it, don’t go hoping subtle hints will do the trick. Tell him what you want in positive language (“I’d love it if you…”) and feel free to give him directions (“softer… faster… in circles”). Most guys will be grateful for the signposts.

And if you feel like dealing him some deep-sea action, take a breather while giving him head. “Stop what you’re doing and blow gently up and down his shaft,” suggests Siski. “The air will evaporate the moisture on his skin making it tingle, and he’ll probably visibly stiffen as a result. It will feel twice as exciting when your warm mouth closes over his penis again”

Victory lap… Win!

You’ve scored an unselfish lover who wants to showcase just how dedicated he is to your pleasure as well as his own. The best way to sustain that interest is with sighs of pleasure and some reciprocal loving’. Enjoy…

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