On Your Marks, Get Set Ohhh! (Part 2)

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If he’s a gymnast

Description: If he’s a gymnast

If he’s a gymnast ?

Men fall into two camp – the “lie back and let you do your thing” variety, versus the guy who sees your sex life as an extension of his gym workout. If he’s type two and boasts good upper-body strength, he’s ideally suited for positions that require him to take your weight. Indulge his inner caveman by going for sex against a wall with your legs wrapped around his waist or, even better take it to the shower to steam things up.

If that won’t work for you, start in missionary and have him kneel up straight, holding on to your hips so that your torso is at 45 degrees to the bed. A rocking motion should have you both grinding to a heady climax in minutes.

And you can hone your inner gymnast from within by training your pelvic floor – strong muscles result in strong orgasms (yes!) and longer-lasting sex (double yes!). Try Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls $22, Lovehoney.com) for an internal workout – it’ll blow both your minds.

Flex his muscles… Showing off his body and demonstrating his strength and flexibility are classic mating rituals designed to impress. This alpha male enjoys the feeling of being in charge – but that’s not to say he doesn’t crave some domination from time to time, so feel free to take over the spotlight

If he’s a marathon man

Description: If he’s a marathon man

If he’s a marathon man ?

A major sex survey found that the perfect sex session lasts between seven and 13 minutes – and that some of us think even three minutes is “adequate” (like, really?). But forget what the scientists say – taking it slowly could be the path to your most mind-blowing orgasm ever. And if your man is the type of guy who enjoys taking his time, tantric sex could reap huge benefits for your both. “If he can keep going, you could be in for a marathon sex session,” says sex therapist Katie Sarra.

Tantra isn’t just about opening your chakras and trying not to picture Sting naked. It’s also about enjoying each moment of sex – not just the race to orgasm. First, plan a sexy night in and find a way to bond that doesn’t involve sex – whether that means taking a bath together or sharing a bottle of wine. Then, when you’re totally relaxed, it’s time to explore what turns you on physically and mentally. “Just about any activity can be made erotic,” says Katie. “To find out what works for you, try playing Yin Yang – where each person takes it in turn to be Yang, in charge of requesting pleasure from their partner”. A massage? Some oral attention? Aim to spend three hours on the whole experience and you’ll feel a connection for days.

Long-distance lover… we don’t need to tell you all the benefits of a man with staying power. But if his grinding has you feeling sore or, frankly, a little bored (of the 60% of women who have faked it, many cite this very reason), you can speed him up by switching to girl-on-top, where you get to be pacemaker.

Record breaker!

·         The largest penis measures a massive 13.5ins (grab that ruler now! And belongs to Jonah Falcon, who was thrust into stardom when a documentary, Private Dicks: Men Exposed, showed his full length on camera.

·         The most expensive kiss was bought by Joni Rimm in August 2003, when she paid $50,000 for one-on-one smooch with Sharon Stone. That’s one pricey peck.

·         The biggest natural breasts belong to glamour model Annie Hawkins-Turner, who in regular bra-sizing terms would measure 102ZZZ.

·         The strongest vagina belongs to Tatiata Kozhevnikova from Russia. Tatiata exercised her most “intimate muscles” every day for 15 years and recently showcased their super-strength by suspending a 14kg glass ball from her lady bits. Ouch.

·         The longest snog award goes to husband and wife Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat. In 2011, the couple locked lips and shared an unbroken kiss for 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds in Pattava, Thailand – that’s nearly two days. Aaah, who said romance was dead?

·         The naughtiest nuptials were held at Hedonism III in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. The largest “nude” wedding took place here in 2003, with 29 couples getting married at the same time. Even the guests were naked!

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