Sunlight is the most dangerous enemy to because it causes hair to be split.

Although when the summer comes, women tend to make fewer hairstyles than in the winter, which will reduce the chemical substance into the hair. However, the harsh light and polluted air will concern you much. The problem that most women get into is the situation that the hair is dry and split.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Sunlight is the most dangerous enemy to because it causes the hair to be split.

Sunlight is the most dangerous enemy to because it causes the hair to be split.

Actually, I used to be in that situation as well. Investing into expensive cream is only the temporary situation; and it only makes the normal hair area to be smoother, and the split hair situation is mostly unchanged. As far as I know, we only need a scissor to stop this situation. When you cut your hair, you need to take care the hair tail carefully, if not, after a short time, it will become split again.

For women who love swimming, it is a difficult situation as well. In my opinion, you should wear a swimming hat to protect the hair from the chemical substance in the poll. In addition, some hair lotion would be helpful partly. You should keep in mind that the hair should be rinsed well with cold water to get rid of potential substance.

It is advisable that hair should be protected from sunlight. The helmet doesn’t have the brim anymore so you should you choose a thick anti-sunlight jacket then hide the hair into it when out. In addition, you should use some cream from nature. This makes the hair smooth, and prevents the split situation.

Avocado – banana mask

Description: Description: Description: Description: Avocado – banana mask

Avocado – banana mask


·         ½ avocado

·         ½ spoon of banana

·         1 spoon of olive oil


·         Grind the mixture of avocado in a small bowl with a small spoon.

·         Add banana and olive into the mixture. If you do not have the olive oil, you can use the part white of eggs.

·         After you get the mixture, apply to clean hair. Keep it in 10-30 minutes in a towel. Then rinse with clean water. In the process, you won’t feel comfortable with this mask. However, after washing again the hair is smooth and polish which makes you surprised and love this beauty secret.

·         Spend 30 minutes every week and you can get your smooth hair again. Why don’t you try with me?

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