Besides many changes in pregnancy, changing the way of bathing is also important because it affect fetus’s health directly.

Bath’s temperature

Pregnant women shouldn’t take a bath with too hot temperature because it will cause injury for nerve cells and make them be reduced a lot.

Although it is summer, pregnant women shouldn’t bathe with too cold water. When you bathe with cold water and the weather is hot, your body’s temperature will change suddenly. As a result, you easily catch cold and have got flu.

You should maintain temperature with a suitable rate. You can try water by using elbow to check and make your body wet from below part to above to help your body get acquainted with temperature’s change.

Hair washing

Doctors advise pregnant women not to sit on their heels or stand for a long time, movement of washing hair can affect below womb if you sit.

Pregnant women shouldn’t sit on their heels to wash their hair.

Pregnant women shouldn’t sit on their heels to wash their hair.

If possible, you should go to store to have your hair washed, especially when your belly becomes bigger or you can wash hair at home with someone’s help while you are lying. Water’s temperature that is used to wash hair is not too hot or too cold.

Time for bath

In pregnancy, pregnant women’s body is very tired, so they are very excited about bath. When they take a bath, they will feel comfortable, relaxed and eliminate tiredness.

However, bathroom’s space is narrow; moreover, water’s temperature will make capillary dilate. In addition, there isn’t enough blood to provide for brain and it will affect the fetus. You should bathe in a period as short as possible and the maximum time is 15 minutes.

Shower is encouraged

Doctors advise pregnant women should take a shower instead of using bathtub because soaking your body in water in a long time will make bacteria break into your vagina; it will cause inflammation, affect fetus and lead to premature birth.

In pregnancy, pregnant women shouldn’t bathe in tub.

In pregnancy, pregnant women shouldn’t bathe in tub.

When you take a shower, water jet will massage your tired skin and you will feel more comfortable.

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