Have you ever felt dizzy when looking for a focus point or a work of art for your beautiful house? Have you ever thought of changing walls and interiors into artistic works? Whitnie Cypert and partners of The Interior Collection at Southlake use their imagination and faux finishers to illustrate and create masterpieces for any showroom or gallery. The followings are some typical works.

Description: Description: Interiors design

The Interior Collection works closely with the faux finishers Emily Smith to create unique finished works. Whitnie Cypert, the owner of The Interior Collection co., says ‘our team will discuss the project’s objectives together and then work with Emily to carry out them. She has travelled to many places and has much knowledge of the latest techniques.’

The Interior Collection creates works by integrating stenciling, multiple layer techniques, or strange materials such as coffee flour, tin foil, sandstone, glass beads. The artists use strings, colors, and sticking plasters to create unique appearance for the cabinet’s door of the general activity area at a house called Greenlaw. ‘We want the general activity area to be the focus point of the kitchen because it is a place where family members gather together,’ shares Angela Greenlaw, the hostess of the house.

The Whitnie’s team also designs walls and ceilings decorated beautifully and creatively. The company usually decorates the flat from some topic in order to create niches and details at the ceiling so that they become suitable for the lively interiors. Besides, they also bring the new vitality for the old interiors or make a distinction for the built-in house. A typical house is Delaware, which becomes smoother and livelier thanks to the company’s faux finishing.

Faux finishing is a way by which artists add more colors and materials to interiors and exterior, and has been in existence for centuries. Previously, the word ‘faux finishing’ often inspired with thought of lustrous walls whitewashed thoroughly – a popular tendency of the 80s and 90s’. Nowadays, faux finishing is a method that makes your interiors fresher and more distinctive. Not only is it a way by which people decorate old interiors many years ago, but it is also a tendency of art.


Spring is coming and everyone’s mind is towards exterior activities. Specialists of garden design at James Landscaping company knows how to help you make use of vacant space and make them your beautiful garden with lovely trees. It is an ideal place to wander, take rest, and enjoy. Even water’s sound effect makes you released. It is suitable time to renovate vacant space in your garden through our following advice.

The comedian Robin Williams humorously described the spring that ‘spring is the ideal time for parties’, and it seems that this is true in reality. When spring comes, it brings warm and comfortable air. The thing I want to do is enjoying open-air atmosphere, contemplate landscape that is beauty of the early season. Your garden will be full of spring’s glamour.

All people I know encounter problems with their gardens, and it seems that they have not found satisfactory solutions yet. It can be a garden with stunted grass – where there is nothing attractive, or a too small garden, or even a garden full of dirty mud. Anyway, James Landscaping always has solutions for you. You can design a specific relaxing area in the garden with charming exuberant bushes. The advice is that there is no job too big or too small, but keep in mind that all your favorite styles can come true – from Old West to Texas Proud and A Touch of English Garden magazines.

All matters about garden can be answered when you know landscape decoration technique. One of the quite popular areas is the ground space connecting to the main door in front of your house. It will bring real value for the house if there are a nice view-frame when strolling and appropriate exteriors. Decorative light is also a wonderful way if you want to decorate the area at night, with cool wind quickly blowing a tiring long day. You want a garden full of birds and butterflies’ chirp? Try planting some trees around the small scenery with water and bushes. You can decorate by unique things such as a creative bench suitable for your personality.

Share with us the disadvantages in your garden such as vacant, ugly, or dangerous areas, and we will help you bring spring into the garden. Let James Landscaping connect you with the outside nature by bring melody to your garden and make it an ideal place to celebrate party.

A house or a home

Description: Description: 'A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.'

‘A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.’

The president Benjamin Franklin said that ‘A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body’. For me, this is true as a verity. A house plays a main role as a roof to protect us, and it is a place to shelter, while a home plays a role that we usually neglect, and it is a place to warm up and keep everyone’s soul.

How much time in your life have you spent to integrate with the environment around you? A cutthroat fluorescent light, a soulless computer screen, a boring waiting room with cheap art, Muzak, and traffic problems are able to make anyone go crazy. So, it is clear that home is the only scarce place which makes you feel comfortable. However, taking care of home is something many people hesitating to do since they are afraid of wasting time, effort, and money. Perhaps there are many lucky people possessing the three above things. For those who lack three those things, I hope that through my advice, they will get a beginning step for their home care process.

One of the most effective and economical ways by which you can change any room is using color. Imagine of a nice beige room that you often see property specialists introduce. Interiors and carpet must be beautiful and placed at the right positions. In addition, painting walls with yellow also brings the vitality for the whole room.

Make sure that you love the wall color in your room. Then, think of unique way to mix colors. If wall’s yellow is the main color, royal blue painted on buffet cabinet and windows will be the focus of the room. You can reuse an old interior by redesigning it in your favorite color and shape. Similarly, decorate windows by lovely remade things. These are things affordable but bringing a better effect than their price.

To define clearly the general effect of the colors you want to mix together, you need to check their harmony in daylight as well as manual light at night, because in some cases, the manual light can make color effect more different than its real color. The light’s brightness and heat can add a bit yellow to the room, increase intensity of warm colors and decrease that of cool colors.

Color therapy is also used regularly for physical and psychological problems. Most of us have ever done the quiz questioning that ‘what does your favorite color say about you?’ Human’s psychology and feeling can be affected by colors, but this theoretic point is not always true. Therefore, you can search Google about ‘color’s psychology’ if necessary. But my advice is that you should forget that theory because our current purpose is making you feel happy in your own house.

When feeling sleepy, you need a place that makes you feel relaxed and quiet. Your working room needs concentration, comfort to inspire ideas. Kitchen and dining room inspire the happy feeling when the whole family gather, as well as bring the good taste to your physicality and psychology. Lastly, the extremely important thing is that after a day tiring from working, what you need is enjoying comfortable colors in your house. Maya Angelou shares that ‘everyone has their own twinges in family; however, the real home is a place in which you can enjoy and do not have to answer any question.’

I encourage you to make use of chance to use colors for decorating your personality in your house. With just a can of color and a piece of cloth decorated thoroughly, you can experience useful therapies as if you were at a doctor’s. Trust me that colors can help you save a large amount of money for psychological treatment. Using colors effectively and appropriately to mood in each room will help your soul and personality shine.

Oscar Wilde said that ‘Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.’

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