We dole out healthy eating advice every month, but what are we nibbling on in meetings and munching during photo shoots? We reveal all.

‘I eat like a californian – in London’

Our American editorial assistant Taylor Anderson, 26, developed a taste for super-fresh food while living in LA.

 “As a teen, a picky palate meant there were only three foods in my life: chicken strips, chips and cheese (four if you count ketchup). A major lack of nutrient meant I suffered almost daily with headaches and sluggishness.

Moving from Michigan to Los Angeles for university, I was thrown into a world where wheatgrass and edamame were the norm. Between the salad and sushi shops, fried food was almost impossible to find, forcing me to ditch my beige diet. Thanks to LA’s warm climate and close proximity to the sea, I was soon sampling the freshest of fruit, veg and fish. Meals contained every colour of the rainbow and I was introduced to foods I never knew I’d enjoy, like avocado and raw fish.

Within months, my skin was brighter (and not just because of the tan), I had more energy and those headaches were a thing of the past. So, when I moved to the UK in 2009, I vowed to maintain my Californian habits, even though I’d replaced my bikini with thick tights. I couldn’t face going back to my pre-LA migraines and fatique.

I’m lucky that living in London means there’s sushi bar and frozen yogurt shop within the five minutes of my flat. Plus, there’s a street market around the corner from Zest HQ that sells fruit and veg for a steal. But while finding California-inspired cuisine is a breeze, bypassing the comforting aromas of a roast from the local pub isn’t always so easy. Sometimes sushi just doesn’t cut it!

LA taught me that fresh fruit and veg are the best base for any meal, so even when I’m making warming winter dishes, I start with vegetables. Of course, there are times when I can’t resist an older of thick-cut chips (old habits die hard), but first I fill upon vegetable soup or smoked salmon, to make sure I get all the nutrients I need.”

Taylor’s tricks to freshen up your diet

Simply does it

‘My typical meal contains just three ingredients: some healthy carbs, a lean protein and steamed veg. Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook Notes from my Kitchen Table (Boxtree, £20.99) is great at encouraging this minimalist attitude’

Keep it real

‘Avoid food with ingredients you can’t pronounce. I love Innocent VegPots – they’re quick, made with veg and provide three of your five-a-day.’

Be prepared

“’y a Graze box (graze.com). Healthy, natural snacks delivered to your doorstep. Just grab and go!’
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