Knowing your blood type is vital if you require a transfusion in an emergency, and in pregnancy.

If you’re had a blood test, your doctor will tell you your blood type. Otherwise, if you go to a Blood Bank to donate blood you’ll get a donor card which shows your blood type.

Description: Your blood is worth bottling!

Your blood is worth bottling!

“One in three people will need blood in their lifetime, but only one in 30 donate,” says Kathy Bowlen of the Red Cross Blood Service

·         Most healthy people between 16 and 70 can give blood. Exceptions include people who lived in the UK for a total of more than six months between 1980 – 1996 or if you’ve had a tattoo in the previous six months.

·         Giving blood and plasma is painless except for a pinprick. Blood donations take about one hour of your time, and plasma about 90 minutes.

·         When you give blood, you haemoglobin levels and blood pressure are checked and you’re screened for HIV and hepatitis.

Healthy family fun

Regular family time with parents and children has many health benefits, such as reduced risk of weight gain and substance abuse, and higher grades. Try these tips to get more family time.

·         Cook your favorite healthy recipe together. Try to use a herb or tomato your kids have grown.

·         Keep footballs, skipping ropes, dog leashes and Frisbees at the door for easy access to instant fitness activities

·         Make a family video. Let the kids choose the theme, write the script and do the auditions.

·         Leave the telly off and play charades or a board game. Kids love it when they beat adults!

Description: Healthy family fun

Healthy family fun

’Apply Days, Mum!

We love this great total baby app, $5.49 at iTunes. Track your baby’s feeds, baths and how much they’ve grown.

Symptom sorting – Child coughs

Are you trying to figure out your child’s cough? Professor Robert Booy, paediatrician from The Children’s Hospital at West mead, has the answers.

·         Asthma: Dry and repetitive, often with breathlessness and wheezing, it may get worse at night. It’s treated with Ventolin and or preventer meds.

·         Whooping cough: A highly contagious and moist cough (10 to 15 repetitions) followed by a whooping sound or sucking-in of air. Antibiotics only help to stop transmission to others, not symptoms.

·         Bronghitis cough: Can be caused by bacteria or virus. It requires antibiotics only if bacterial

·         Croup: Croup is common in under-fives and is characterized by a seal-sounding cough (barking cough). It’s generally not serious but sometimes needs steroids in hospital. No antibiotics are required.

Top tip: Never ignore a child’s persistent cough. See your doctor

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