Rome - Around Town : The Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese (part 3) - High Fashion Boutiques, Discount and Specialist Shops

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High Fashion Boutiques

  1. Giorgio Armani

    Stylishly cool service for one of Italy’s top names. Emporio Armani branch (Via del Babuino 140) sells the designer’s couture line at lower prices. The lowest-end line, Armani Jeans, is at Via del Babuino 70A.

    • Via dei Condotti 77

    Giorgio Armani
  2. Prada

    The most highly priced of the top Italian designers. A Milan fashion house making minimalist, slightly retro clothing.

    • Via dei Condotti 92–5

  3. Gucci

    The Florentine saddle-maker turned his leather-working skills into one of Italy’s early fashion successes. The era of ostentatious interlocking “G’s” on everything is over, but the accessories are still top notch.

    • Via dei Condotti 8

  4. Valentino

    Boutique for the prêt-à-porter collection of this native Roman designer in the top echelon of fashion since Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn donned his clothes in the 1960s.

    • Via del Babuino 61

  5. Ferragamo

    The shoemaker to the stars during Hollywood’s Golden Age of the 1950s hasn’t lost its touch, but it now mass-produces styles rather than creating unique works.

    • Via dei Condotti 73–4

  6. Gianni Versace

    The house of the late fashion designer never compromises the clothing’s flamboyant cuts and garish use of colour.

    • Via Bocca di Leone 27

  7. Fausto Santini

    Gorgeous, classically styled shoes at stratospheric prices.

    • Via Frattina 120

  8. Fendi

    Five sisters founded this Roman fashion empire from their parents’ workshop and reign over Italy’s rage for furs.

    • Largo Goldoni 420

  9. Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

    Well-cut women’s clothing that is feminine yet powerful and modern.

    • Via Condotti 34

  10. Laura Biagiotti

    Designer who has made stylish fashions for women since 1972. In menswear, she uses the soft wool that has earned her the moniker “Queen of Cashmere”.

    • Via Borgognona 43–4

Discount and Specialist Shops

  1. Il Discount dell’Alta Moda

    This stock house sells mostly men’s and women’s clothing, plus accessories. The staff are genuinely helpful. There are discounts of up to 50 per cent on Versace, Donna Karan, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and more.

    • Via di Gesù e Maria 14–16A

  2. Firmastock

    Small, eclectic collection of designer men’s and women’s suits, dresses, coats and shoes at up to 50–70 per cent off the usual retail prices.

    • Via delle Carrozze 18

  3. Buccone

    Historic wine shop with a vast selection and excellent prices. Speciality Italian foods are on sale as well.

    • Via di Ripetta 19–20

  4. Enigma

    Owned by Bulgari, this intriguing shop sells a highly exclusive line of watches and jewellery.

    • Via Margutta 61

  5. Vertecchi

    The queen of Rome’s stationery stores, with hundreds of types of pens (the fancier ones are sold next door at No. 72), thousands of notebooks, and the very best in art supplies.

    • Via della Croce 70

  6. C.U.C.I.N.A.

    The motto of this shop, carrying the best in minimalist kitchenware, is “How a kitchen inspires new appetites”.

    • Via Mario de’ Fiori 65

  7. Messaggerie Musicali

    Huge, ultra-modern music store with dozens of listening stations so you can better select your choice of cassettes and CDs. Tastes range from Italian pop to classic opera.

    • Via del Corso 472

  8. Tebro

    Founded in 1867, this department store specialises in luxury bed linens, towels and lingerie. A made-to-measure service is also available.

    • Via dei Prefetti 46–54

  9. Remainders

    Does exactly what the name says: sells overstock books at up to 50 per cent off their original price, including lots of luxurious art catalogues and coffee table tomes.

    • Piazza S Silvestro 27–8

  10. Cravatterie Nazionali

    Beautiful ties from Valentino, Gigli, Givenchy, Zenga, Gucci and Les Copains at reasonable (for designer) prices and all in one spot.

    • Via Vittoria 62

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