Rome - Around Town : Campo de’ Fiori to the Capitoline (part 3) - Nightspots, Roman-Jewish Restaurants

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  1. The Drunken Ship

    Currently the top spot, with a sea of energetic carousers night after night in this jumping piazza. Mainstream rock inside. Outside you queue at the service window to get your drinks.

    • Campo de’ Fiori 20–21

  2. I Giganti della Notte

    A newcomer to the Campo scene, but already a favourite with a young, good-looking crowd. Great outsize hi-tech decor and modern rock music inside; lots of tables and standing room outside.

    • Campo de’ Fiori 26

  3. Taverna del Campo

    Occupying as it does the crucial corner position, this lively drinking and gourmet eating establishment is always a winner and perpetually jammed with merrymakers. Tables inside and out.

    • Campo de’ Fiori 16

  4. La Vineria

    This tiny wine bar has long-time regulars lounging at the outside tables.

    • Campo de’ Fiori 15

    La Vineria
  5. Caffè Farnese

    A more chic place is hard to imagine. On a corner facing elegant Piazza Farnese, some of Rome’s smartest young beautiful people sip their glasses of wine at outside tables. Yet, it’s also really friendly.

    • Piazza Farnese 106

  6. Sciam

    A taste of Arabia awaits you here. A turquoise-glazed fountain splashes gently at the entrance, and inside all is inlaid wood and tiles. Teas and sweetmeats complement the dreamy music.

    • Via del Pellegrino 56

  7. La Curia di Bacco

    This long, narrow space is a vaulted corridor of the ancient Pompey’s Theatre.

    • Via del Biscione, 79

  8. Mad Jack’s

    A classic Irish pub offering all the brews you can imagine, especially Guinness, along with decent light snacks.

    • Via Arenula 20

  9. Rock Castle Café

    A medieval dungeon, with tables tucked into odd nooks. Rock music in the background, plus a dance floor.

    • Via Beatrice Cenci 8

    Rock Castle Café
  10. Shanti

    An Arabian night out: hookah pipes, exotic teas, live music and belly-dancing.

    • Via dei Funari 21

Roman-Jewish Restaurants

  1. Piperno

    Roman-Jewish cuisine at its finest, in a beautiful piazza hidden away from the hubbub. Traditional dishes include carciofi alla giudia (Jewish-style fried artichokes). Booking is a must.

    • Via Monte de’Cenci 9

    • 06 686 1113

    • Closed Sun D, Mon

    Traditional Roman-Jewish breads
  2. Da Giggetto

    Famous for its first-rate cookery and grand setting, right next to the soaring columns of the Portico d’Ottavia. Try chicory shoots (puntarelle) with anchovy dressing, a typical Roman dish.

    • Via del Portico d’Ottavia 21a–22

    • 06 686 1105

    • Closed Mon

  3. Vecchia Roma

    One of Rome’s finest institutions, noted for its historic interior, excellent service and superb wine list.

    • Piazza Campitelli 18

    • 06 686 4604

    • Closed Wed & 2 weeks Aug

  4. La Taverna del Ghetto

    Kosher cooking in remodelled medieval rooms, or outside on the piazza. Grilled fish is their forte.

    • Via Portico d’Ottavia 8

    • 06 6880 9771

    • Closed Fri D

  5. Sora Margherita

    Wonderful Jewish-Roman delicacies. No sign; look for the red streamers in the doorway. Weekday lunches only.

    • Piazza delle Cinque Scole 30

    • 06 686 4002

    • No credit cards

  6. Zi Fenizia

    A pizzeria and a Jewish café all rolled into one outlet.

    • Via dell’Umiltà 31

    • 349 252 5347

    • Closed Fri D, Sat

    • No credit cards

  7. Filetti di Baccalà

    A Roman tradition, little changed for centuries. Juicy fried cod fillets, served with similar Roman standards.

    • Largo dei Librari 88

    • 06 686 4018

    • Closed Sun

    • No credit cards

  8. Da Sergio alle Grotte

    A simple, traditional Roman dining experience: spaghetti alla carbonara, gnocchi, tripe and more.

    • Vicolo delle Grotte, 27

    • 06 686 4293

    • Closed Sun

  9. Osteria ar Galletto

    An old favourite, tables spilling out into the piazza every summer. Good, honest cooking.

    • Piazza Farnese 102

    • 06 686 1714

    • Closed Sun

  10. Yotvata

    Kosher cuisine in a historic palazzo. Good for pizza, fresh fish and hearty pasta dishes. Excellent desserts.

    • Piazza Cenci 70

    • Closed Sat L, Fri D

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