This is an introduction about some remedies using flavors from banana.

Description: Pip banana cures backache.

Pip banana cures backache.

1.     Curing ringworm and some kinds of dermatophytosis

Cut across a green banana and rub it strongly on the body part that needs curing. It is very effective to take the juice extracted from the catalpa’s bark.

2.     Curing urologic stone

Cut a green pip banana into thin slabs, dry it, cook until it gets yellow, and drink it. Take 30-50g each time and drink when you get full. It is possible to use grinded pip banana under tisane to drink every day.

3.     Curing backache and bone pain

Cut a pip banana into slabs, dry it. Bray about 200-300g and soak with 1 liter of 350-400 wine within 2-3 weeks. Drink 2-3 times per day, 30-50 ml per time before meal.

4.     Curing and preventing gastric ulcer

Cut a green aromatic banana into thin slabs, dry or desiccate it in about 500-600, and pulverize it with smooth flour. Drink 2-3 times per day, 20-30g per time with warm water.

5.     Relieving fever, preventing sunstroke, and curing diabetes

The core of the trunk on the ground contains lots of juice and is cooling. Use it to eat as raw vegetables. Cut it into small slices, gray and squeeze to get its water and drink as medicine. Or, cut a tip of a small bamboo or neohouzeaua node and poke into the middle of the banana trunk. Tie a nylon bag into the other tip so that you can get out the water and drink.

6.     Helping in would hemostasis and relieving burn

Bray aromatic banana leaf and put it on wounds

7.     Curing blood hemorrhoids

Thoroughly cook 2 aromatic bananas and eat every day (many times a day).

8.     Curing blood urination

Clean 100g of aromatic banana root and 20g of dyer’s-weed. Dry and squeeze it to get water and drink.

9.     Curing pressure increase

Cut aromatic banana bark and stalk to drink every day with about 30-60g per time.

10.  Curing swollen pimple, high fever, convulsion, delirium, and dysentery 

Clean the bulb of bananas (both aromatic and pip bananas), cut them into small pieces, bray and squeeze them to get the extract water to drink. It can cure sputum, asthma. Bray 60g of aromatic banana and 30g of purslane and squeeze to get water, then warm it and drink.

Description: Pip banana has many uses in curing diseases.

Pip banana has many uses in curing diseases.

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