Sometimes, parents have put forward many rules and forbiddance that make your children very hard-pressed.

Serious mistake in teaching children

Serious mistake in teaching children

Not keeping calm, complaining and comparing the child to others incessantly are some mistakes that all parents contract. 

1.     Incessantly complain

The first mistake is that parents seem to have many forbidden things to the baby and complain incessantly: “don’t hit your little brother/sister” or “you mustn’t pull the cat’s tail”.

When parents say “no” regularly, it will make children become unfeeling to this word. Moreover, parents usually tell children not to do something but don’t show children what they can do. Therefore, save the word “no” for dangerous case (for example, while your children get close to the socket).

2.     Use thrashing

Hitting your children can’t solve any problem. Your children will know that people can settle conflicts by force. Remember that you’re teaching your children, not enforcing your power to them.

When you yell at your children, they can also do the same thing to you. This feeling will get stronger day by day and harder to control, especially when they grow up. Obviously, no parents can avoid being angry. If you make a slip of the tongue, you should honestly apologize to your children and fix the mistake afterwards.

Thrashing doesn’t teach your child how to become a good one.

Thrashing doesn’t teach your child how to become a good one.

3.     Contradiction in the method of teaching children

To the same behavior of your children, you show 2 kinds of attitude toward that with 2 kinds of treatments. This will make your children feel enigmatic and not “admire and respect”.

If you have a time laughing while your children talk nonsense, but another time you reprimand and use discipline, your children won’t be able to know what is right. It’s best of you to set rules and follow these rules strictly with your children.

4.     Punish incorrectly

When your children accidentally break something in the house, you will hit or scold them. This makes them think that you consider the objects to be more precious than them. When your children feel sad and break the toys, scolding can’t solve anything. Ask them to save money to buy new toy.

5.     “Label” your children

Don’t unfailingly label your children like “you are always a hasty and sloppy child”, “you are so absent-minded because you lose your things all day”… Listen to your children’s opinion before scolding or giving complement.

6.     Compare your children to another person

Don’t ever provoke your children with some kinds of comparing like “why is your sister good at English but you are not as good as a half of her?” 

The kind of “provoking” comparison almost have no effect but make the children feel complex, unconfident, jealous and break the relationships of your children with the compared person.

7.     Don’t care about children’s school time.

Beside the family time, school is the place that has strong attachment to your children. This is also the most influential place to the formation and development in children’s personality. Therefore, it will be wrong if you take your children to school, take them back after school without any concern.

Always spending time getting in touch with the teacher is an indirect way for you to show concern and love to your children. Moreover, this will bring practical benefits to you; when creating a good relationship with the teacher, you will instantly know the unusual expressions or changes of your children to intervene timely.

8.     Say without doing

You ask your children to turn off the TV but they still watch cartoons due to the mother’s faint reminder. Be patient, give your children a second chance; ask them strictly that their watching hours has been over; or the children turn off the TV, or you do it. To make your children follow the rules, mother’s requests should be clear and she can’t break them.

9.     Can’t keep calm

Although the act of your children can make you mad, you mustn’t teach them while being mad. Storming, swearing or losing control while teaching your children will encourage the bad behavior of your children in their relationship with family or friends such as: yelling, anger or violence. Instead of that, spend time to calm your mind. When you feel that you really calm down, talk to your children straightforwardly, softly. The father’s word will have weight at that moment.

When you feel that you really calm down, talk to your children straightforwardly, softly.

When you feel that you really calm down, talk to your children straightforwardly, softly.

10.  Not be a good wife or husband

The way you treat your wife or husband will affect much in the lifestyle, behavior as well as the relationships of your children afterwards. If husband and wife always choose fighting as a way to solve conflicts, for sure, your children will treat their life partner the same.

If you treat your wife or husband gently, fine and respectfully, children will know how to cosset the value of family, fell happier, warmer and safer.



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