Diy hormone boosters

Description: Diy hormone boosters

While it’s not proven, you may be able to boost your growth hormone supplies naturally with lifestyle changes. Try these:

Sleep well – The optimum of seven to eight hours sleep each night will keep your hormones balanced and keep growth hormone levels as high as possible.

Cut sugar – Eat a low-sugar, low-GI diet to keep insulin levels as low as possible. Insulin may restrict the flow of growth hormone through your blood stream.

Eat before your workout – A small protein and carbohydrate snack two hours before exercise is thought to help increase growth hormone. Try a chicken salad sandwich.

Exercise at high intensity – A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology found people who exercised at a higher intensity had greater and more frequent releases of growth hormone after training.

Avoid snacking before bed – Your body produces most growth hormone during the early stages of sleep, but excess insulin might prevent this.

Extreme treatments

Description: Dracula therapy

Dracula therapy

Although we don’t recommend them, other extreme therapies include:

Dracula therapy – or platelet-rich plasma therapy – involves placing a blood sample in a machine that extracts your platelets and plasma. A doctor then adds vitamins and amino acids to these before injecting them back into your wrinkles. It’s said to boosts skin healing and reverse damage. Research on wrinkles is inconclusive, but studies in the US show it may help sports injuries heal faster. From $465.

Oxygen – Simon Cowell is reputed to carry a small can of the pure gas with him. Inhaling it is said to reduce fatigue and stress, and keep skin looking younger.

Glamoxy snake serum – So-called because it is said to mimic the tightening effect of viper’s venom. Kate Moss and Cheryl Cole apparently use this product, which costs $197 for just 25ml.

Kombucha tea – Fermented tea that tastes like vinegar and contains oxalic, lactic and butyric acid. Hailed as a youth elixir, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna are fans.

Eye patches – This invisible patch pulls up your upper lid. A favourite of actors Michelle Collins and Jennifer Aniston, from $39, eyesecrets.com (Arguably sticky tape does the same for less?)

The longevity profile – Extensive blood and urine tests monitor hormones, organ health and nay burgeoning diseases years before symptoms might manifest – plus phone consultation to suggest ways to deal with them. From $907, americanmetaboliclaboratories.net.

Description: Laser cap

Laser cap

Laser cap – Low-level red light stimulates hair follicles, encouraging hair to become lustrous and youthful again, from $3100.

Nitric oxide – Levels plummet after 40, leading to low energy, less plump skin and reduced muscle tone. $40 for 180 tablets, centuryhealthsupplements.com

TA-65 – This supplement, concentrated from the root of the astralagus plant, may slow ageing. Costs up to $620 a month.

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