Stay healthy

Description: Stay healthy

Ideas in saving energy

When we replace the normal incandescent lamps with eco-friendlier CFLs (compact fluorescent lights), there is the latest news supposing that this kind of lamp may contain harmful mercury. Recently, the book Journal of Environmental Management has showed a study that proves the LED (Light-emitting diode) prevents melatonin – a hormone helps sleep deeply to support immune systems. So, how to both save energy for the earth and keep your health? The advice is that:

·         For CFLs: right after they burn or break, you need to dispose them with extreme care since you may make the poison be eliminated.

·         For LEDs: prevent their effect with melatonin by focus on making use of light, arrange the lamps in places far from one another (for example, put the lamps outdoor to light up the house, or put them on the food counter or art work...)

Alzheimer’s disease

Description: Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease


Your dad has the symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Is it a sign of old age or that of Alzheimer’s disease? You should be the person that knows more clearly about this than your dad’s doctor. According to a study of Washington University of Medicine, members in family are the sharpest tools to find out the Alzheimer’s disease. So, if you recognize some change of your dears, such as hardly doing daily hobbies or being unable to repeat something in handbook, you should consider it as a more serious disease than normal absent-minded symptom. Test them by the Alzheimer’s disease test questionnaire of the Alzheimer’s disease research centre at Knight University.

Massage therapy

Some latest information says that after one long week massaging, 2/3 chronic patients recognize the improvement in their disease symptoms. Objects studied shares that they feel more comfortable even though the massage form is relaxed or strong intensity type.

Love your pets

Treibbal game

If your puppy needs to practice both physical and mental sides, try the treibbal game (read as “try ball”), also called ‘driveball’, which is a quite interesting sport type originated from Germany for puppy, a kind similar to tending sheep. ‘Treibbal is a practice type for puppies and a wonderful chance to motivate them to increase concentration and contact with their owners,’ according to Dianna L. Stearns, professional dog trainer and president of US Treibbal Association. Stearns describes the game as the combination between the way how to tend sheep and soccer, in which the puppy is taken off its fetter and has to use its nose or shoulder to push ball into the goal while its owner is not allowed to guide them what is wrong and what is right, but just allowed to encourage it.

Take care of your pets when they are sick

Description: Take care of your pets when they are sick

Take care of your pets when they are sick

When your puppy is sick, the only thing it needs is your care and attention. At that time, you can base on veterinarian’s instruction and prepare a nutritional food for it.

·         Pumpkin oat flour

            Use: cure regurgitation, diarrhea

            Formula: mix a canned pumpkin box and cook together with oat bran or oat flour. Spread equally this mixture on the cake tray and grill at 250o F until it gets straw color (30 to 60 minutes). Cut it into pieces as biscuits and feed your pet once a day. Preserve the food at dry place in closed box for 1 month as maximum time.

·         Turkey

            Use: cure stress or anxiety

            Formula: mix ½ lb. of turkey, ¼ instant oat, 1 ripe banana, 1/8 café spoon of nutritional ferment, 2 tablespoons of chicken bouillon, and 1 pack of daisy tea. Cook the mixture in  the pan until it the turkey is well-stewed. Feed your small puppy 1 café spoon of the food twice a day, and big puppy 1 tablespoon of the food. Preserve it in the fridge for 1 week as maximum time.

·         Dried salmon

            Use: cure dermatitis (skin sheds its scales and gets red rash, hair sheds, and itches appear)

            Formula: cut into slices and grill the salmon in the grilling tray at 200o F in 2 to 3 hours until it is  dry, and let the oven’s door half-opened so as the air can circulate. Feed your  puppy 1 small slice a day. Preserve it in the fridge for 2 weeks as maximum time.

Play with your cat

Description: Play with your cat

When your obedient cat lies beside you or continually teases your feet when you go past it, maybe it wants you to play with it. Spend 20 minutes per day to play with it, and do not forget that it likes exercise games.

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