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Get fit

Practice hoop shaking

It looks like kid’s game but hoop shaking can bring physical and mental benefits for adults. ‘Rhythmic movements can bring considerable effect to help the mentality be relaxed and release stress,’ shares Cheyenne Wyo, hoop shaking trainer.

Description: Get fit by doing exercise

Get fit by doing exercise

Alice Burron, sport expert of American Council on Exercise (ACE) adds, ‘Hoop shaking also supports in helping you increase hip and waist’s strength, as well as increase flexibility.’ A recent study proves that hoop shaking is an ideal and effective practice form for heart problems, and it can help you burn about 210 calories within 30 minutes – equivalent to strong intensity exercises and kickboxing.

Protect your feet when practicing

Together with health benefits brought by walking, each year millions of US people have to quit or switch to other practice form due to trauma when walking. ‘The reason is not because of walking, but is that most people walk in a wrong way,’ says Danny and Katherine Dreyer, founders of Chi running and Chi walking, among which Tai Chi’s techniques is considered as a key factor to help the walking process become safer and more effective. Their training course guides you how to breathe by stomach and how to concentrate your mind when walking. Besides, it gives detailed advice on posture (such as putting your feet’s head towards the front and stretching straight your back).

Clean up your yoga carpet

Description: Clean up your yoga carpet

It cannot be denied that yoga has great benefits for mentality, but notice when your yoga’s carpet is dirty. According to Kathryn Budig, a yoga trainer who took part in the DVD Aim True Yoga, in order to clean up slimy gums on the carpet, dissolve ¼ cup of white vinegar, ¾ cup of warm water, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and 10 drops of tea attar. Put your yoga’s carpet into the bathtub or under the shower, and spray the above mixture into both sides of carpet, scrape the carpet with clean sponge, then soak it into warm water, wipe it by the towel and dry up naturally. Or, you can use simpler ways such as putting the carpet into the washing machine and take it out before drying it; otherwise it will be tattered – according to Sarah Ivanhoe, yoga expert at Santa Monica.

Maintain the habit of doing exercise

Happy news for patients that get vestibule pain but do not want to use medicines: a study on the Cephalalgia weekly magazine proves that the habit of doing exercise regularly has the same effect as using medicines and relaxed methods in preventing fierce headache. In the study, 91 patients having vestibule pain are divided into 3 groups: one group practices on-site bicycle riding in 40 minutes from low to high intensity 3 times a week, another group practices relaxed gentle sports, and the last one takes medicine in treatment regime. After 3 months, all three groups have the same satisfactory results. Though the correlation between doing exercise and vestibule pain is not clarified, Emma Varkey, the author of the study project, supposes that that is a mixture of physical and mental factors (such as the correlation between stress reduction and secretion of endorphins can relieve pain).

Eat well

Description: Eat Well

Reduce bacteria by plastic or wooden cutting board?

According to Diane Quagliani, nutrition expert at Chicago, what kind of cutting board you use is not as important as its state. Both plastic and wooden cutting board can bring plenty of bacteria to absorb in your food, even glass or marble cutting board helps you cut faster, but they potentially have danger. Whatever cutting board you use, scrape and clean its both sides by warm water with soap after using and dry it naturally. Remember to replace damaged or holed cutting board.

Squeezed carrot’s effect

A recent study proves that drinking 15 ounces of pure carrot juice every day within 3 months will reduce 5% of high blood pressure. Therefore, diligently use this nutritional drink.

Nutrition cookbooks

Plenty by Yotem Ottolenghi: the book including recipes based on the best-selling book at London’s restaurants – the book Ottolenghi the Cookbook. In this book, the author presents foods that are famous, creative, and have international level.

Candel 79 Cookbook; Modern Vegan Classics from New York’s Premier Sustainable Restaurants: the book presents extremely delicious vegan foods with local organic components at the Café Candle (New York) of the two owners Joy Pierson and Bart Potenza who contributed to bringing agricultural products from farm to table. This book is a collection of their favorite foods such as ginger-steamed dumpling, chocolate tower, beverages such as martini dissolved with ginger and cucumber.

Raw and Beyond: How Omega-3 Nutrition is transforming the Raw Food Pagadigm: the book with 100 recipes to provide nutritional omega-3 – from raw foods to stewed and medium-cooked foods. This book helps you have a healthy life full of energy and more durable.

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