Relaxing in pregnancy can help pregnant women eliminate tired feeling.

In pregnancy, change of body makes pregnant women’s body more tired and unpleasant. The following simple ways will help pregnant women relax effectively.

1.     Travel

When many women know that they are pregnant, they limit all activities to pay attention to caring pregnancy. To some people, going away or travelling is the thing that they cannot or shouldn’t in pregnancy because they fear danger and bad things that can happen.

However, the base advice for women that are going to be mothers is that they should go out and travel if their family has god condition. Before giving birth, mothers should ask to take a rest in a while and spend time to go to somewhere to help spirit comfortable, mind relax so that they can begin a new stage, giving birth and taking care of children. Traveling to some place will help pregnant women forget pressures in life, tiredness in pregnancy and keep moments that can make pregnant women feel interested.

Travelling will help pregnant women forget pressures in life, tiredness in pregnancy.

Travelling will help pregnant women forget pressures in life, tiredness in pregnancy.

2.     Massage

Nowadays, there are a lot of massaging establishments that have massaging services for pregnant women. These places will have professional chairs for pregnant women and staffs in this field. However, not all of the pregnant women have condition to go to massaging stores to relax and take care of health. In this case, they themselves can do at home. The best way is that they should ask their husbands to massage before going to bed. As a result, pregnant women will relax and sleep well. Moreover, massaging regularly will help pregnant women reduce inflammation, edema and cramp that are unpleasant every night.

3.     Take a bath with warm water that is mixed with essential oil

Before going to bed, women can soak their body in bathtub that contains warm water mixed with essential oil of lavender, Ylang or mandarin in a while will help spirit relax and feel comfortable and have good sleep.

Taking a bath with warm water can help pregnant women feel relax.

Taking a bath with warm water can help pregnant women feel relax.

If there isn’t bathtub, mothers can mix warm water into a big basin, pour a little of oil so that the scent can be pervasive around bathroom and it also helps relax effectively.

However, mothers need to pay attention not to take a bath in a long time. If their womb becomes bigger, they should ask someone to help them be in bathtub and move out of bathtub after taking a bath.

4.     Go out

At weekends, women can try plan to go out so that their mind will be relaxed instead of being busy with working and only staying at home tidying up and cooking. Pregnant women can go to their friends’ house, go to the cinema, or simply go to a coffee store that has beautiful and quiet space and read books. These activities can help pregnant women feel more comfortable after a week of working tiredly.

5.     Assign housework

In pregnancy, pregnant women’s boy becomes heavy and tired. Therefore, when pregnant women travel or do something, they will do more slowly and difficult. At this time, they should be fearless and ask relatives in their family share work with them. The more pregnant women take a rest, the more comfortable and pleasant their bodies will be. In addition, they will feel love, warm and happy when everyone helps and shares work with them.

6.     Say about emotion

In pregnancy, the amount of hormones in their body will increase, and mothers will often become more melancholy and sensitive. They often think and doubt. These things can make pregnant women easily happy, sad, angry, irritable and self-pity. At this time, women should say about emotions that they encounter with people that they love. This thing will help them feel pleasant and they will take comfortableness and balance back quickly.

7.     Go to spa

Pregnant women can spend a day to take care of themselves and beautify. This is an interesting suggestion. Sometimes, change and beauty will help pregnant women feel cheerful. Pregnant women can go to spa or use ways to beautify skin, hair, nail, toenail… However, mothers should pay attention to avoid using beautifying methods that contain a lot of harmful chemicals. Doctors advise pregnant women not to use these kinds.

8.     Say about things that you want

Honesty is the best policy. Pregnant women should say about the way you feel clearly and what you need in life in general. You shouldn’t hide your emotion because this thing can make your state of mind stressed and it will lead to stress. When pregnant women feel unpleasant, angry, or have pressure about something, they should have a straight talk so that they and everyone can solve or if they need something, they should say to help other people understand and help them adapt demand. When pregnant women overcome these things, they will feel comfortable and relaxed.

9.     Listen to music

There are many ways to reduce stress in pregnancy and according to experts, listening to music is a safe and effective way to reduce stress. In addition, it is extremely cheap to pregnant women. Every day, some minutes for listening to music reliably will help pregnant women feel quiet and more relaxed.

Listening to music will help pregnant women relax.

Listening to music will help pregnant women relax.

Listening to music with temperature 60 times/ cook is the best way to help pregnant women relax is the most useful to women that want to listen to music to relax like pregnant women. With this rate, pregnant women will feel that their breath and heart rate are smoother according to temperature.

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