It’s unpleasant when you feel that you do not remember anything. How to overcome this state?

Many old people often complain that they are forgetful. They worry that this state will lead to their memory will reduce and then it will lead to loss of memory and intelligence will decline. This thing can take place, but we can completely prevent it if we try to improve.

Many old people often worry about their forgetful state.

Many old people often worry about their forgetful state.

Reducing memory accompanies with old age is mainly reducing memory in work. It includes forgetfulness, reducing concentrating ability and reducing the ability about keeping thought in a long time. The reason is that quantity of brain cells and quality of neurotransmitter reduce. When we are 20 years old, they begin to reduce. And when we grow older, they will reduce more. It takes you a of of time to remember your friend’s name, forget a thing that you are going to do, find and not see thing that you have just put, not remember that you dis that thing or not, forget customer’s name that you met yesterday…. but you can remember at another time. It’s unpleasant with forgetful feeling.

Your relatives will consider that you are idle, slow. Some people look at one page and remember all of the things on it eternally and they will never forget and even with small details. People that have such memory are extremely rare. Most cases have to base on methods about assisting memory. The good news is that all of the people can improve their memory. We can gain the ability to remember a big mass of information due to practicing and patient determination.

The following directions will help you gain the above results. You can maintain a lucid memory due to 9 following activities:

1.        Practice brain

The way for practicing is always studying new skill such as:

·         Play musical accessory, play with crossword, study foreign language or favorite subjects

·         Create new pleasures such as planting tree, riding bicycle, drawing picture, arranging flowers…

·         Volunteer to do social activities

·         Read book, newspaper, watch TV, follow news of world and country

Reading book, newspaper...will help practice your brain.

Reading book, newspaper...will help practice your brain.

2.        Do exercise regularly

Doing exercise will make blood circulate to brain better and it also makes aging process of senses slow. It also makes senses receive faster and helps brain keep information longer. Doing exercise regularly with 30 minutes every day will help prevent stress and diseases that cause memory reducing.

3.        Build up healthy eating and drinking habit

You should eat green and eat cleanly. You should apply diet with a lot of vegetables and fruits. They are foods that have a lot of oxidants to protect brain cells. You should limit fat and avoid staying up late.

4.        Don’t drink wine

People that are addicted to alcohol in a long time will be damaged about brain because of lacking in nutrients. They have high risk of reducing memory and declination about intelligence.

5.        Prevent stress

When you are stressed, your brain will release endocrines that can make brain damage. If you are stressed in a long time, it can make you worry and have depression. This is a disease that often causes reducing of memory. You should take a rest in some minutes if you realize that you are stressed, breathe deeply and relax. If your stress lasts in a long time, you should simplify life, arrange work and give particular and suitable purpose for every day and you can even eliminate work.

6.        Protect your head

Trauma in head can cause congestion in brain and it can increase the risk about development of Alzheimer. You should protect your head when you play football, especially you must wear helmet when you drive motorbike.

You must wear helmet when you drive motorbike.

You must wear helmet when you drive motorbike.

7.        Stop smoking cigarette

If you continue smoking cigarette, your name will be added to list of people that have loss of memory. People that smoke cigarette have the risk of catching Alzheimer higher than twice that don’t smoke with twice. You should stop smoking cigarette.

You should stop smoking cigarette.

You should stop smoking cigarette.

8.        Arrange work scientifically

You should practice habit of arranging work scientifically so that you can concentrate better when you receive new information. You can try the following methods:

·         Individual tools such as glasses, key are needed in the correct place in house.

·         Use means to remind such as book for appointment, cellphone set up with reminding mode, cellphone has sections that are easy to look up.

·         List particular work and the total number of work that is needed to do and after that you should write on memorizing book.

9.      Reinforce concentration

When you have good concentration and you practice helping concentration become habit, memory will come back with you. Method for practicing includes 4 steps: Observe - Associate – Study silently – Recall. For example, when you put key, you should observe movement that you do, observe position of key on table and associate key with a tool that is easy to remember and that tool is on table such as flower vase, lamp… In addition, you can read many times that “key is near to flower pot”. Hence, when you want to look for key, tools that you observed will appear in your head, statement that you read silently and finally they will combine with key that you are looking for.

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