Directly feeling a baby who is thirsting for life within the body is so amazing and sacred.

Being pregnant, you have to prepare strongly for solving many questions. They are the tension coming from antenatal examination, weight problem (enough or not) as well as pleasant and sweet moments when going shopping to buy shower gel and shampoo for upcoming angel.

Bringing up a child is an extremely complex process but it is also full of joy. Please understand thoroughly development manifestation of your baby and ‘date’ with the seed within your body.

Description: Love since embryonic time

Love since embryonic time

9 wonderful months of expectation

Get ready to welcome the best 9 months in your life. You should know that pregnancy period is marked from the first day of the last menstruation. Therefore, although pregnancy is usually considered lasting till 40 weeks but in fact, the baby only grows up in your womb for 38 weeks.

First three months is the stage when you can feel clearly all the changes inside your body. Though the embryo during this period is only a grain but the heart begins to pump blood and most other organs have developed already, hands and feet also start to appear. You will eventually experience a creature existing in your body.

After the test stick gives you positive result, you begin to feel bloated, griped lower abdomen, tired and moody.

There are some expressions which are quite similar to earlier periods, but along with it, breasts and nipples will be more sensitive and you will want to nauseate and urinate more. If you don’t have those symptoms while the stick still gives you positive result, you shouldn’t be worried because it is normal.

The next three months, you will be definitely comfortable and happy. Your baby is able to taste gradually, beginning to comment on dishes you share with him.

Therefore, you often want this dish and fear another one. The baby also seems to be a cute boy or girl who listens and shows interests in mothers’ womb. Bones are formed in the end of 4th month.

The pulse of emotion will stimulate the brain, helping the baby feel love that parents and beloved ones show him. Moreover, every time you are worried, angry or happy, your body will secrete specific hormones and transmit them from mother’s blood to the fetus..

Thus, although the baby can’t understand every word in “Baby, we’re happy for having you”, he can realize that he is loved.

Description: You will have wonderful feeling during 9 months of pregnancy

You will have wonderful feeling during 9 months of pregnancy

You would not imagine that the miniature fairy world is inside your body. The baby in 5th and 6th month has grown dramatically. His skin is very thin, so there is a sticky layer covering him to protect him.

In mother’s womb, kids have many hobbies such as listening to music with mother, doing exercise by moving, bending, kicking, stretching, sticking to the amniotic sac…Sometimes he is annoyed then he frowns or sucks fingers.

The last three months will be the phase you feel closer to your baby than ever, and you will never forget how you experience stinging pain and you will be excited when your baby kicks your stomach.

Then, you will start feeling heavy in cervical because your baby has turned his head down to prepare for the great day. A secret you should know is that your baby can distinguish the voice of mother and strangers, so don’t forget to talk a lot with him in this stage.

Please welcome him and rub your belly to let him know that a new day has come. It’s morning talk. Tell him that you are cooking or making the formula, because these kinds of food are very good for you and your baby.

At night, tell your husband to talk with the baby in or der to confide him joy and love. While the husband rubs your belly, the baby will feel subtly about love, then he will know how to share and love when being born.

The 8th month, everything seems so small and cramped with the baby. Therefore, the baby turns to the left and right, twists, kicks and punches, which sometimes make you have to wince. Your baby’s umbilical cord brings nutrients from the fetus to the baby who is currently 50 cm of length and 1.3 cm of thickness.

Because the baby weighs more than 3 kg and occupies all the space in the womb, so the umbilical cord will do up in a knot or wrap around the baby. Most substances covering on the baby’s skin disappears as well as down.

Your body will begin to provide antibodies for the baby through the placenta, enabling the baby’s immune system to operate against infection during the first 6 months of life.

Wonderful 9 months pass by; your baby will come to this life. And you become a mother! It’s the most sacred and happiest moments in your lifetime. Feel your child lying on your belly and the umbilical cord is cut. There is nothing better!

Nothing to worry

Experts said that you should start a healthy pregnancy with at least 400 microgram of acid folic each day. This type of vitamin B is considered helping prevent effects of neutral tube defects – such as spina bifida.

However, the first 3 months are very difficult for young mother – especially those who is pregnant for the first time with the fear of miscarriage. Assure yourself that unless you have extreme behaviors such as using drugs – there will no reason for you to miscarry.

In addition, to minimize the pain when the baby kicks your abdominal wall, move more. When you move a lot, your baby will be likely to be lulled, so he will immediately sleep. However, when you stay still, the baby will want to be playful.

Also, the calcium amount you supplement during pregnancy effects to the baby’s firm skull, but it is still soft and may change a bit while you are laboring.

If your baby’s head is slightly distorted when he is just born, you shouldn’t be worried, after several days, it will be fine.

Finally, if you meet your baby later or sooner than the expected day, don’t worry. In fact, there is only 5% of women who give birth exactly on that day.

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