How your hormones affect your mood.

Every woman can tell you how her hormones have played havoc with her emotions at some point in her life; some have to deal with this monthly. Yet few women know why your hormones do what they do to you, and what you can do about it. Do not be a victim of your hormones, by allowing them to dictate how you feel, when there are many powerful ways you can support them and correct their function. The incidence of depression in young women doubles compared to men of the same age because of the onset of puberty. A study from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University Medical Center, ruled teenage physical change out as being a cause for depression. With physical change ruled out, we need to turn our attention to the influence that hormones have on the psychological wellbeing of young girls and women in general.

Description: Dr Colin La Grange

Dr Colin La Grange

The biggest challenge women have to face is that of your hormones constantly in flux. This means that your estrogen can go from 100 to 2000pmol/l and back down again in the course of one month. The challenge with constant, naturally changing levels of anything in the body is keeping them within healthy parameters, so they don't swing too high or low. All research surrounding the effects of estrogen and progesterone on psychological wellbeing cites that the imbalance in mood is associated with either an excessive or deficient level of these hormones. It is also interesting to note how miniscule these blood levels actually are and that when they fluctuate ever so slightly, they cause extremely profound effects. Estrogen levels are measured in trillionths of a gram per liter in your bloodstream. Due to the powerful way hormones affect multiple body sites it is no wonder that estrogen and progesterone affect so many varying aspects of your psychological wellbeing. Estrogen can affect everything from the ability to concentrate, to becoming overly anxious, feeling depressed, have lapses in memory and disturbed sleep cycles.

It is therefore imperative that all women are extremely cautious when using anything that contains hormones, without fully investigating the potential side-effects. It is easy for pharmaceutical companies to dismiss many of the side-effects of "hormone products" because they are so generalized. This is due to the very broad effect hormones have on your body, as explained above. However, this does not mean that it is not the hormones that are disrupting your psychological wellbeing.

Every woman should ideally supplement omega fatty acids, vitamins A, E and B, as well as magnesium and zinc. Powerful herbs like vitex agnus castus and angelica sinensis have become quite popular as hormone balancers but should also be taken with caution and understanding, to insure they are indicated in your condition. Foods high in saturated fats, glucose, alcohol and coffee all have a profound ability to disturb healthy hormonal function. Because hormone balance is essential, the most effective long-term therapies are gentle, physiologically supportive treatments, not powerful hormone dictators. Regulation and balance is the forte of natural therapies, especially when it comes to hormones. Leave the powerful drugs to crisis management in short-term emergencies, and take charge of your health through long-term healthy living and natural hormonal support.

DR COLIN LA GRANGE is an expert in complementary medicine, specializing in hormonal health. Visit www.drcolins.com, follow www.facebook.com/fertiboost, or twitter http://twitter.com/#!/.fertiboost.

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