Follow our advice to drink tea safely during your pregnancy.

Making and drinking tea etiquette has been practiced for thousands of years, and because of their suitability. Tea contains polyphenol which helps to protect the hearts, and antioxidant to reduce cancer possibility and other nutrition to enforce the immune system. When you are pregnant, even the advantages are better. A pleasant cup of tea can reduce morning sickness and create shorter time of birth pangs. However, some kinds of tea may do harm to you and should be avoided.

Description: A pleasant cup of tea can reduce morning sickness.

A pleasant cup of tea can reduce morning sickness.

Useful herbs

“Herbal tea can help hydrate bodies when women don’t want to take water” – according to Amelia Hirota, a herb expert and an acupuncturist at Obstetrics Center in The East of Greenwich, R.I. In addition, some kinds provide with important nutrition for pregnancy, including magnesium, calcium and iron. Especially, rooibos tea is very good because it is antioxidant and it doesn’t include caffeine.

Other herbal tea can reduce morning sickness (ginger and menthols), prevent insomnia (orange chrysanthemum tea) and stimulate womb contraction more effectively during labor pains (raspberry leaves). “Many midwives believe that raspberry is enhance womb muscles, which can contract better”, explained Hirota. 

Nettle leaf is a kind of herb which is usually found in tea for pregnant women and it is advised to use by many herb expert and midwives. “It is an incredible source of Vitamin and minerals, including iron, Vitamin A, C and K and Kali”, said Hirota. However, ensure that all nettle tea you take is made of dry leaf, not the root, and don’t take too much, especially in the 1st quarter because of its function of stimulating the womb. However, it is safe to take in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, according to Hirota. You can make it by yourself by putting 1 ounce of nettle into 1 litter of water. 

Kinds of tea should be avoided

Some herbal tea is not safe when you are pregnant; they include PMS, diet tea, detoxicating tea as well as tea containing black cohosh, blue cohosh, and others.

You should avoid some aperient herbal tea, so read the label carefully. “With high dose, some natural substance, such as cascara sagrada or acacia leaves can lead to changes in electrolyte“ - said Laurie Green, tocologist in San Francisco. The electrolyte which includes chloride, sodium and kali is necessary for cell and normal organ performance. This aperient herbal tea can stimulate the urinating or diarrhea, both of which cause dehydration, according to Green.

So, avoid them until you give birth and complete the breast-feeding; and be careful.


Unlike herbal tea which contains only 0.4 milligram caffeine each cup, non-herbal tea (black tea, green tea or oolong tea) contains 40-50 milligram each. Drinking 4 - 5 cups every day means that you absorb in 200 milligram caffeine. Some research from Department in California of Kaiser Permanente show that pregnant woman who took more than 200 milligram caffeine everyday stand a chance of miscarriage as twice as others who avoided this stimulant. However, a study done by The National Health Institute didn’t show any relevance between drinking 350 milligram caffeine and miscarriage.

There is no absolute answer for caffeine effects in pregnancy. Most experts agree that you should use it carefully and absorb in less than 200 milligram every day. “Caffeine in any forms can cause stimulation during pregnancy”, said Hirota. “It burdens the liver which is busy handling pregnancy hormones.’

Get rid of caffeine

Caffeine is the first substance which will be released into water when you put the tea into water (this happens in the first 25 seconds). To eliminate it from your favorite tea, embed your tea packet in 30 seconds, then pour out the water, then fill it with hot water and embed again. Most caffeine will be eliminated.

Description: A non-caffeine cup of tea can bring you the sound sleep.

A non-caffeine cup of tea can bring you the sound sleep.


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