There are some simple ways to have healthy body such as standing on one foot when brushing teeth, limiting to comb hair, or opening window when sleeping.

13.  Lie on silk wrap to avoid dry skin

If you have dry skin, you should lie on silk fabric. It not only makes you feel more comfortable but also brightens your skin instead of scratching the skin. Silk is also less allergic, so it is suitable for those who have asthma or eczema.

14.  Limit to comb hair and do not dry hair by towel

Instead of drying hair by towel, you should absorb water from hair and make it dry naturally friction will damage hair. Furthermore, you need to use a wide tooth comb. The more you comb, the more your hair is split end and broken.

Limit to comb hair and do not dry hair by towel

Limit to comb hair and do not dry hair by towel

15.  Freeze toys to remove dust

Keeping children’s toys always clean is difficult, and some things cannot be put into the washing machine. However, mites and bugs can cling to toys and cause itch, cough. When not be able to wash, put toys in refrigerator; -200C temperature will kill mites and bugs.

16.  When eating out, choose fish dish

Whenever you go to restaurant, take this chance to eat more fish instead of meat. You need to eat fish more because it contains lower fat but higher omega which is very helpful for health.

You need to choose fish when eating out.

You need to choose fish when eating out.

17.  Put hands into pocket in crowded places

In crowded places such as bus, you should put your hands into pocket or read a book. Flu virus can transfer from one to one by contacting with hands or touching polluted surface, and then move them on eyes and nose.

18.  Walk to work

If you do not have enough time to practice exercises, use all chances to walk. 40 minutes per day for walking is very benefit for cardiovascular health and lowering blood pressure.

19.  Only work in business hours

Maintaining balance between work and life is very important for good health. So do not work over the time which you are paid. Otherwise, it can encroach on the time you relax or do other things, as well as increase pressure and stress.

20.  Buy snack which you do not like

Whenever buying snack for someone, be sure it is kind that you do not like to prevent appetizer.

21.  Try new kinds of vegetables and fruits

When going to the supermarket, you should choose kinds of vegetables and fruits which you have never tried. The more you eat vegetables and fruits, the more nutrition you get from them.

22.  Drink soda when having heartburn

At parties, if you have heartburn, a quick way to remove it is drinking soda, not tonic. Soda has alkalinity that neutralizes acids causing heartburn.

23.  Open the windows while sleeping

Even it’s cold, you also open window. Body temperature needs to be decreased to have a better sleep. Some people are wrong when keeping temperature too warm (the ideal temperature is about 160C).

Whenever sleepless, get out of the bed and come back later. Normally, change position about 40 times per night and lying on hand or having torticollis will make you difficult to sleep well. Getting out of the bed forces you change into appropriate position before continuing sleeping.

Open the windows while sleeping

Open the windows while sleeping

24.  Lie on back

Try to lie on back when sleeping. Lying on one side or upside down makes face skin press down the pillow and increase wrinkles. When waking up at night and lying on one side or upside down, change to lie on back.

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