Backache in pregnancy is the phenomenon that many women meet. With the following simple ways, pregnant women can reduce backache.

Backache in pregnancy is a popular phenomenon. It isn’t strange. In this period, you are gaining weight and your body will change a lot from the outside figure to inside endocrine. The ligaments that lie in your pelvis will be dilated according to the time when baby grows in mothers’ womb.

Backache in pregnancy is a popular phenomenon.

Backache in pregnancy is a popular phenomenon.

However, besides crying out and suffering, you can reduce and even eliminate this phenomenon if you follow the following advices.

Keep the standard posture

When your baby is developing, your body’s gravity will move to the front. All muscles and ligaments in your body will be dilated and they will cause pressure, so they will make your back painful. To prevent this state, you need to keep the correct posture in all activities.

The bad habits such as dangling shoulder, sitting in a long time in front of computer can make you have backache more.

Standing straightly, sitting with the correct posture will help the backache reduce remarkably. You need let your shoulder comfortable and relaxed.

You should wear bra with the suitable size. It shouldn’t too large or too tight.

You stand, you need to stand on a stable position with the posture that is the most comfortable as possible. If you stand in a long time, you should try to change posture continuously to help back and feet not be tired.

When you sit and work in front of computer in a long time, you also need to pay attention to your sitting posture. If you aren’t careful, your back will become tired and painful quickly. The best way is that you should choose a low chair that is suitable and smooth for you. You can put a small pillow behind your back. At this time, this is the useful advice for you.

After 15 minutes, you should exercise and change your posture once. This thing will help your bone and muscle comfortable.

Shouldn’t wear high-heel

High-heel is a wonderful product of humanity. It will make women’s figure become more slender. However, it is the agent that can make your back the most painful when you are becoming pregnant.

High-heel will affect moving and standing posture of feet. Body’s weight will gather in the toes. This thing will affect nerves in hip.

Sandal or shoes with the low sole is the better choice for pregnant women at this time.

Sandal or shoes with the low sole is the better choice for pregnant women at this time.


When fetus develops more and more, the nerves will suffer from the pressure stronger. As a result, it will lead to the terrible backache. Therefore, when you become pregnant, you should limit to wear high-heel. Sandal or shoes with the low sole is the better choice for you at this time.

Avoid holding and carrying heavy things in pregnancy

In pregnancy, pregnant women’s body will suffer a lot of pressure because baby in womb develops, so it leads to the change about weight of body. This thing will make pregnant women easily have backache. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid do heavy work or carry bulky or heavy things because they can gather the pressure on your back.

Another note for pregnant women is that when you list a small thing, you should sit on your heels and list that thing slowly. You shouldn’t bend your body and bend down, this thing will make nerves of your back stretch and as a result, your back will be painful.

Therefore, when you want to list something, you should always fold your knees instead of hunching your back. You should try to keep your back straight when you stand up or sit down.

Massage regularly

Massaging has a lot of effects. Reducing the symptom of backache is one of the effects that massaging brings for pregnant women.

Massaging has a lot of effects.

Massaging has a lot of effects.

Backache is one of the reasons that make you take care of your body more. You can drop by a massaging center for pregnant women or you can ask your husband to massage for you.

When your back is massaged and rubbed, stimulated about blood circulation, your back will become more comfortable and as a result, your attack will disappear.

In addition, you can foment or apply a cold compress. You can ice to help your back reduce attack or you can take a basket of hot water to apply hot compresses to back to help muscles of back soft and reduce pain.

Do exercise correctly

People encourage pregnant women to do exercise in pregnancy. Sitting at one place and fearing to exercise will make your backache become more serious.

Having physical activities regularly will help your body strong and healthy. They will help you reduce attacks in pregnancy.

Pregnant women should practice yoga, swimming…

Pregnant women should practice yoga, swimming…

You can try smooth activities such as walking, practicing yoga or swimming…

Refer to doctor’s idea

If you have backache seriously in pregnancy, or you have backache more than 2 weeks, you should talk with your doctor or midwife. They will advise you that which kind of medicine that you should use or give the effective method to cure.

You should pay attention that backache in pregnancy can be the sign of premature birth. In addition, backache in pregnancy is that accompanied with bleeding in vagina, fever, urinating a lot can be the sign that shows that your health has problem. If you have trouble with your backache, you need to contact with your doctor or midwife immediately.

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