7 months to go

Honeymoon beauty prep

Time to set serious about your skincare. Start a good cleansing programme using products such as Crème de la Mer Cleansing Fluid ($71 for 220ml; cremedelamer.co.uk). Also Papaya Enzyme Peel ($37; timstospa.co.uk). Also consider monthly facials to help replenish skin and target problem areas. Try Liz Earle’s Signature Facial (uk.lizearle.com) or Carol Joy’s Flawless Facial (caroljoylondon.com).

Book hair and make-up trials

Description: Book hair and make-up trials

Be organized and take pictures of hairstyles you like and any accessories you plan to wear. Brooks and Brooks (brooksandbrooks.co.uk) offers a bridal ‘Get-A-Grip’ service ($113), where you try lots of different hairstyles to suit your face shape and complement the style of your dress. You also get a ‘how-to’ step-by-step instruction guide so you can either do your hair on the big day or give it to your stylist.

3 months to go

Try a healthy wedding cake

Description: Try a healthy wedding cake

If you’ve been sticking to your healthy eating plan, now’s the time to test some cakes and indulge! If you’d rather buy a gluten-free cake to help beat the bloat on your big day, then there are options available. See gccounture.co.uk or restorationcake.co.uk for ideas. Yum!

2 moths to go

Wedding weight loss

Description: Wedding weight loss

It’s crunch time. If you want your dress to fit, now’s the time to focus on your diet and banish any bad habits. If you’re too stressed to think about making healthy lunches, sign up for a home delivery service such as Pure Package (purepackage.com). We did it and noticed a huge difference within a week. The food is tasty and convenient and, with a delivery every day, you won't fall off the wagon.

4 weeks to go

Time to tone up

This is it now! To get your limbs in the best shape for the day, do arm exercises (20 press-ups) and leg exercises (30 squats) every night. These little extras take all of five minutes but can make a huge difference.

1 week to go

Bridal beauty

Schedule in your beauty treatments. A spray tan is best two days before the wedding, while emi-permanent eyelashes (try Daxita’s Eyelash Extensions; $195, athertonconx.co.uk) should be applied five days in advance. ‘A manicure and pedicure is the last thing you do on the day before the wedding,’ says Jenni Draper, Nail Professional of the Year 2011 (mavala.co.uk). ‘Make sure your hands and cuticles are well moisturised that week to help make them more pliable, and be prepared to leave the polish to dry for a good few hours.’

24 hours to go

Try to relax

Download the Yoga trainer Lite app (free, from iTunes) to help calm your nerves and get your head straight. ‘Also, relax in a hot bath with some Lavender Bath Salts (£14.60 nealsyardremedies.com),’ suggests Holliday. ‘They will help reduce water retention draw out toxins, help neutralize the body’s pH balance and calm stressed adrenals.’

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