The following important secrets can help pregnant women be always healthy during pregnancy.

1.     Add vitamins before being pregnant

This is a wise thing. This things show that you have plan for a pregnancy that both mother and child are healthy.

Nerve system, especially brain and backbone of babies will take form in the first day when mothers are pregnant. Therefore, when pregnant women provide necessary nutrients such as folic acid, calcium, Fe, this thing will create foundation for fetus’s development.

Pregnant women should provide vitamins before and during pregnancy.

Pregnant women should provide vitamins before and during pregnancy.

Synthetic vitamins that are used for women that want to be pregnant and pregnant women are available at drugstore. If women are careful, they should go to check carefully before being pregnant. In addition, they can ask doctors to fill a prescription.

In some special cases, some people want to nauseate and they feel difficult in drinking these kinds of medicine. They should take medicine in the evening and then they have a snack.

Chewing gum or holding hard candy in mouth is effective in this case.

2.     Do exercise

If pregnant women want to have a healthy pregnancy and become active women, they should create habit to do exercise every day.

It helps women control weight, improves blood circulation to help them sleep well. In addition, it also affects daily mood of pregnant women.

Sports such as yoga, swimming, walking are activities that are suitable with most of the pregnant women. But, before practicing, pregnant women should go to check health and must get permission of specialized doctors.

Yoga is suitable for most of the pregnant women.

Yoga is suitable for most of the pregnant women.

Although doing exercise has many benefits, pregnant women shouldn’t abuse. Mothers should only practice about 15-20 minutes every day. You can both practice and pay attention to your health.

3.     Write plans for the day of giving birth

You can write a specific plan such as: Who you want to go to hospital with you on the day when you give birth, who is assigned task to bring things to hospital. You can even write phone number of taxi that you intend to call when you go to hospital.

You shouldn’t think that they are simple and unnecessary things. When you write things that you need to do specifically, you can detect things that are redundant or missing so that you can add on time.

4.     Study

Although this isn’t the first time that you are pregnant, attending antenatal classes will be useful for you. Pregnant women will feel secure because they prepare well in pregnancy and the day of giving birth will arrive. Mothers should remember that times of being pregnant are different.

Attending antenatal classes will be useful for pregnant women.

Attending antenatal classes will be useful for pregnant women.

Pregnant women should find out information that takes place in process of giving birth and technologies to take care of newborn babies. Here, mothers can give questions that make them confused. Moreover, you have chance to interact and making acquainted with medical staff more.

The important thing is that you need to inform about medical history in your family. You should talk with doctor about problems in the previous time of being pregnant or some congenital defects that appeared.

5.     Do Kegels exercise

Kegels exercise can help women reinforce resistance for hipbone. Moreover, it has good effect to your bladder, bowel and womb.

When you do movements correctly, this simple exercise will help process of giving birth become easier and prevent unexpected urinating.

No one can know that you are doing Kegels, so you can practice it anywhere and anytime.

6.     Change habit of doing housework

Daily housework such as scouring bathroom or tidy up animal’s waste can be harmful to pregnant women.

The reason is contacting with poisonous chemicals, lifting heavy thing, contacting with bacteria on leather of animals that can be harmful to you and fetus.

You should pay attention and avoid the following things:

·         Lift heavy thing.

·         Tidy up garden ( avoid toxoplasmosis bacteria, a disease caused by parasite and they often exist in dogs and cat).

·         Use strong chemicals

·         Stand near places that have high temperature such as hot stove.

·         Use gloves after tidying up house. Wash hands carefully after handling raw meat.

7.     Follow weight

You are pregnant, so eating and drinking are different from the past. And of course, you will gain weight in pregnancy.

Gaining weight too much will make women have difficulty in losing weight after giving birth and it also has other negative aspects to health. However, if pregnant women don’t gain weight a lot in pregnancy, it will affect the development of babies, and even lead to premature birth and light weight.

The following ideas that experts recommend about pregnant women’s weight due to body mass index of women before they are pregnant.

·         Weight that is under standard: gain 1.7 – 18kg

·         Normal: 11.3 – 15.9kg

·         Overweight: 6.8 – 11.3kg

·         Obesity: 5.0 – 9.1kg

You should regularly follow and check weight to ensure stable speed of gaining weight.

8.     Choose suitable shoes

This is the chance for you to buy a lot of shoes for yourselves. Changes of body in each period of pregnancy will make feet’s size of pregnant women also change.

When womb becomes bigger, it will create pressure to pregnant women’s feet, and as a result, many women feel that they tire their legs. In the last moths, legs have phenomenon of edema and inflammation because of phenomenon of keeping water of foot.

Pregnant women should choose shoes that are comfortable, safe and have good materials.

Pregnant women should choose shoes that are comfortable, safe and have good materials.

Shoes that are comfortable, safe and have good material will be more suitable with pregnant women than fashionable high-heels.

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