Therapists can message and help pregnant women eliminate tiredness in pregnancy quickly. However, before going to spa, women should pay attention:

Not all kinds of messaging oil are good for pregnant women.

Not all kinds of messaging oil are good for pregnant women.

Avoid saunas

High temperature and a lot of steam in sauna aren’t good for pregnant women

Messaging oil that has flavoring

Some kinds of oil that are used to message can cause spasm of uterus, especially in the first and second quarter. In addition, some kinds of oil can cause allergy to pregnant women although they used to use them normally. You should refer to expert’s idea about safeness of messaging oil before using.

Some kinds of oil extracted from juniper, rosemary that are recommended not to be used for pregnant women.

10.  Provide foods that are rich of Folate

Folic acid is very important in forming neural tube of fetus including spinal cord and new important blood cells.

When you prepare for being pregnant and during 9 months of pregnancy, women should provide nutrition that is rich in folate from natural foods such as grain, asparagus, lentil, wheat germ, orange, orange juice.

11.  Don’t forget fresh fruits

Most of doctors advise pregnant women limit to use caffeine during pregnancy because it can have bad effect on both mother and fetus.

Many mothers feel that this thing is difficult for them because they are used to drinking a cup of coffee every morning to have an alert working day.

However, mothers should consider their hobby because of their lovely children. You can use a glass of fresh fruit juice to replace. This dink not only provides vitamin C that helps pregnant women have beautiful skin but also increases resistance for the body.


Pregnant women should drink fresh fruit juice.

Pregnant women should drink fresh fruit juice.

Natural quantity of sugar in banana and apple can help pregnant women have more energy in day.

12.  Eat fish to help babies be intelligent

In 2007, researchers carried out a research on 12,000 children, and they recognized that children whose mothers eat fish in pregnancy had higher IQ. In addition, their interacting skill and studying motivation are better than those whose mothers don’t eat fish in pregnancy.

Scientists explain that fish contains a big amount of omega 3 that is important to development of brain. However, pregnant women should be careful with some kinds of sea fish that contain a big content of mercury that can make newborn babies and adults be poisoned.

Pregnant women can use some kinds of fish such as canned white tuna, salmon, shrimp, catfish. Mothers should avoid swordfish, shark, codfish, whale because they contain higher content of mercury than usual.

13.  Use sun cream

In pregnancy, women’s skin is sensitive with sunlight. Women easily tan and have tanning skin.

Women should use sun cream that has SPF 30 or higher. When you go out, you should wear helmet and protect carefully.

Researches show that if pregnant women sunbathe, this thing can affect fetus. However, women should calculate to limit or avoid sunbathing in pregnancy.

14.  Travel with airplane

Obstetricians advise that if pregnant women want to travel with airplane, they should only travel when fetus is about 14-28 weeks.

At this time, mothers overcome period of morning sickness, the risk of miscarriage and fetus begins to develop stably.

Obstetricians advise that if pregnant women want to travel with airplane, they should only travel when fetus is about 14-28 weeks.

Obstetricians advise that if pregnant women want to travel with airplane, they should only travel when fetus is about 14-28 weeks.

However, pregnant should check from general to specific and ask for doctor’s idea about intending to travel far away or go on a business with airplane.

Before booking ticket, you should be sure that airline that you choose doesn’t have limitations to pregnant women.

On airplane, pregnant should drink a lot of water to increase moisture. After 30 minutes, pregnant should move to avoid coagulation of blood. You should choose outside seat that is near path or toilet.

15.  Sometimes you should accept desiring hobbies

Try to think that in cold days, pregnant women crave for ice cream and they are forbidden because eating ice cream can cause sore throat.

But when mothers aren’t satisfied with this desire, they feel unhappy and worried… Why are we inflexible?

If you have a healthy diet that ensure health and nutrients for fetus, you can be aware of foods that you eat are harmful or harmless to babies.

You understand and can control your hobby. So sometimes you can reward yourselves to do and eat things that you crave (and obviously, it isn’t dangerous for both mother and child).

However, pregnant women should avoid foods that aren’t cooked through or pasteurized such as cheese, runny eggs…

16.  Recognize time when you need to go to hospital

In pregnancy, usual complications can happen and pregnant women can’t control this thing. If mothers recognize that their body has usual symptoms that make spirit worry, it’s necessary for you to call for your specialized doctor or go to the hospital.

You should pay attention to the following cases:

·         Body is cramped in a long time.

·         Having spasm more than 20 minutes

·         Vagina bleeds or leaks out amniotic fluid.

·         Feeling dizzy or faint

·         Having difficulty in breathing

·         Heart palpitates

·         Regularly nauseating and vomiting

·         Having difficulty in moving, edema (inflammation of joint)

·         Fetus doesn’t move.

17.  Enjoy private silence

Now you recognize that you are busy with a pile of work at your house and office …but when your child is born, you will be busy as twice as present.

Enjoy private silence

Enjoy private silence

At that time, you have less time to take care of yourself and even not. Pregnant women can go on picnic with your husband to suburb, speak with your close friends in a familiar store or have a quiet day to read book or walking alone will help you relax and take balance back for life.

So pregnant women shouldn’t hesitate and give reasons to postpone.

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