Stephanie doesn’t fast much, neither gets stress. She eats sweet food, but that’s not enough to cause diabetes. While treating the disease, she realized that her father had got the diabetes before. Therefore, she may be one of diabetes patients who catch it through heredity. Heredity plays an important role in giving you higher chance of getting certain diseases. Scientists are doing more research about it but the fact proves that young people get diabetes more easily if their relatives have it (if your parents do, you have 50% of having it; if both parents and siblings do, the risk is doubled). The reason is that diabetes patients have a specific gene which makes the fat pile up more easily and cause diabetes symptoms.

Some lucky women has good-working pancreas, and it is identical to one biological key distributing insulin equally in cells. While bodies of others are not like that, DNA may prevent their pancreas then the insulin is not equally distributed into cells. And then, the stagnant sugar in blood vessels may do harm to viscera. 

After research about DNA, scientists have proved that diabetes is the consequent of ample fat in body, or fat that sticks to viscera. Therefore, according to genetics, Indian families tend to agglomerate more fat although they are not over-weight. This leads to a fact that Indian African stands a higher chance of having diabetes than other races.

Deal with pre-diabetes

1 out of 4 Type 2 diabetes patients doesn’t need any treatment at early stage, and in many case, doctors only allow a treatment when the disease develops to a higher level and the patient has more complicate symptoms. Several doctors believe that symptoms of Type 1 and Type 2 are similar such as thirsty, poor vision, or high sugar concentration in blood. Therefore, you need to do a blood test before diagnosing. Many people don’t know clearly about their sugar concentration in their blood and they don’t do the test many times for the most precise result. According to experts, if the sugar concentration is from 4 to 7, it is the safe limit (it may reach 3.5 – 5.5 before breakfast). Under 4, you get Hypoglycemia. Over 7, you get Hyperglycemia. Even higher? You get Diabetes.

Diabetes patients tend to wait until the disease emits, then they start to care for treatment. And this is very dangerous, especially when the number of potential diabetes patients reaches 1.2 – 2 million people. Before it’s too late, go to see the doctor every 5 years, and if you stand a high chance of getting diabetes, do it every 3 years. 

Description: Go to see the doctor every 5 years.

Go to see the doctor every 5 years.

Besides doing tests, you need to take real nutrition. Many women getting TOFI when they take a lot of disguised noshes and absorb a lot of sugar in from “look nutritious” foods such as salad sauce, cereal and vitamin drink. These foods contain high fructose concentration and it will turn into internal organs’ fat. The solution for you is taking sugar as little as possible. You should eat less carb food and non-refined food.

After cutting down on bad habits and combining with regular exercises (research revealed that 30 minutes of jogging everyday can decrease the diabetes symptoms by 58%), your blood sugar concentration will turn to be stable and normal. 

Prevention and treatment

You can treat and prevent pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes through some habits:

Regular exercises

Practicing lean muscles will help to stable the insulin and decrease the risk of getting pre-diabetes. According to research, 10% lean muscles are form, the risk of getting diabetes will decrease by 12%. Experts advise that you should spend 3 hours on strength exercises and 2.5 hours on exercises that burn the glucose such as jogging, cycling, or swimming.

Description: Regular exercises

Regular exercises

Sleep enough

Being sleepless for a long time can increase the insulin amount, especially to who has hereditary diabetes. Research has proved that people sleep less than 6 hours every day has a high chance. Therefore, try to sleep 7 hours per day, especially at night.

Description: Sleep enough

Sleep enough

Take high fibrous food

High fibrous food is not only good for digestion but they reduce the glucose resolving into blood vessels also. You need to replace sweet foods with fibrous fruit such as pear. You can also eat unpolished rice because according to latest research, eating 2 portion of unpolished rive per day can decrease chance of getting diabetes by 11%.  


Stress is the cause of many diseases, including diabetes. You need to take deep breathe, keep calm, listen to soft music, or massage clear away the hormone causing stress and reduce blood sugar concentration.

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Absorb in omega 

Omega 3 – acid lipid found in oily fish (tuna or sardine) can increase the sensitiveness towards insulin. Eat this food once per week.

Absorb in vitamin D

Vitamin D is the main factor in treating diabetes. A research has revealed that people have higher vitamin D will stand a lower chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes.

Eat food with strong taste

Cinnamon is one of foods which reduce the blood sugar concentration. It contains a compound called polyphenols and sweet taste making insulin work more efficiently. You can spread some cinnamon over the tea cup in the morning or take it with oat.

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