Titles or advices in newspapers make you confused? Some facts you should take into accounts when reading impulsive information of media world are as follows.

1.     “Spend 3 minutes exercising every week, you can prevent diabetes”

Description: Have a healthy diet and spend 30 minutes exercising for at least 5 times per week

Have a healthy diet and spend 30 minutes exercising for at least 5 times per week

Newspaper’s announcement

According to Bath University researchers, “You only need to cycle intensively in 20 seconds, 3 times per week, and that is enough to treat type-2 diabetes”. After 6 weeks, volunteers realized that insulin function increased by 28%, concurrently, disposing glycogen amount is equal to that with intensive exercises in 1 hour.    


The research was wrong at: a normal exercise takes 10 minutes at least, including warm-ups. In addition, the research ignored the eating factors which directly affect the sugar amount in blood.


Diabetes Type 2 happens when pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin to control the sugar amount in blood. Therefore, you should do exercise usually, because after that, the muscles will restore glycogen through converting sugar in blood and concurrently, the body won’t depend on insulin that much. Keep in mind that the above solution is not the official treatment of Diabetes Type 2. Iain Frame – UK Diabetes hospital manager - said: “Currently, there is no specific solution for diabetes; and we doubt that your exercises will eliminate completely possibility of this cruel disease”.

Reducing ample lipid in body is an effective solution that helps you to control diabetes, because when the lipid in pancreas decreases, insulin will be produced more. The UK Diabetes Research Institute advises you to have a healthy diet and 30 exercise minutes, at least 5 times/week, to prevent diabetes.

If you are having diabetes, take water during doing exercise and eat a little food that riches in GL. Notice that intensive excises may increase sugar amount in blood and increase demand for insulin.

2.      “Marathon may destroy your heart”

Description: Marathon may destroy your heart

Marathon may destroy your heart

Newspaper’s announcement

A research in Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council stated that: “Exercises about resistance may lead to long-term injuries for heart; their results are identical to overloaded situations caused by intensive exercises such as heartbeats increase dramatically”. Researchers also checked the athletes after resistance exercises. The result was: after practicing, the heart was bigger and performances of ventricle decreased.  


The research focused only on 40 brilliant athletes, so the result can’t be applied to all people who has average strength and don’t take exercises of triathlon (3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and marathon). These athletes are trained over 10 hours per week, so their hearts can contain enough blood for one week.


Experts deny the bad effects on your health of resistance exercises. The proof is there were 7 athletes in this research running 42.2 km without any symptoms of heart attacks. Nick Morgan expert - coaches and physical professors - said: “In fact, long-way sport events are good chances for you to improve your heart and muscles’ strength. Resistance exercises are proved to enhance heart’s strength, prevent heart diseases, create metabolism and enhance body’s structure, concurrently.  

3.     “Sitting for long makes the bottom bigger”

Description: Sitting for long makes the bottom bigger.

Sitting for long makes the bottom bigger.

Newspaper’s announcement

According to a new research by Tel Aviv University: “The lipidocytes develop faster when they are pressure, especially when you sit down or lay down”. Cells which are put under pressure produces ample lipids twice as much as cells which are not.


That research was right only in labs with cells taken from white mice. The cells were put under physical pressure to describe the process in which those cells are affected when we sit down. This is unreasonable because it is certain that only the natural cells in body may cause lipidocytes.


Many studies in the past few years have proved that a life which lacks of exercises may lead to heart diseases, thrombokinesis in blood-vessel, or intestine cancer. Researchers also found that lipidocytes will develop faster at the bottom of idle people, but they didn’t confirm that your bottom will be bigger if you sit too much. The above research is only used to prove: the best way to prevent lipidocytes is applying a healthy diet and regular exercises. Niki Rein – Gym manager advised that you should spend most time to move the lower part of your body. She said: “We tend to move only the upper body to affect directly our appearance. So, you should spend 60% of time on practicing bottom muscles, ligaments, upper back, delta muscle, etc. to have a perfect body.

4.     “Poisonous compounds may exist in canned food”

Description: Poisonous compounds may exist in canned food

Poisonous compounds may exist in canned food

Newspaper’s announcement

A research by Harvard School of Public Health: If you eat one can every day in 5 days, you have1200% of having BPA poisoning. BPA (Bisphenol A) is a compound used for welding cans so that they won’t be leaking. This may harm out health, leading to heart diseases and diabetes. Currently, Europe has banned on cans that contain BPA in milk cans for babies and other sport canned food.


This research was based only on 1 canned soup brand. According to Food Standard Agency, this research didn’t provide with persuasive evidences proofing BPA has bad effects on health. The reason is: while 100% of people using canned soup have BPA in their wastes, 77% of people using fresh soup also have BPA in their wastes.


Eating canned soup only increases possibility of absorbing BPA by 23% in comparison with fresh soup. FSA said, BPA absorbed with food is not harmful. But, they can increase female gonadotropic effects in body. Therefore, you should use cans made of pure iron instead of aluminum or plastic.

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