“When people grow fatter, the Type 2 Diabetes is rapidly becoming popular. However, obese is silently attacking a new group of victims: slim women. This article will analyze the habits that may push you to TOFI and diabetes.”

Stephanie, aged 29, had a perfect body. She never had to strenuously keep fit. Instead, she usually walked at weekends and ate a lot of spinach. She comfortably took noshes full of sugar and butter if she wished to. With the height of 1.7m and the weight of 54kg, she was the dream of many other girls. But things changed completely 2 years ago. A sudden stroke stopped her studying at university. Doctors diagnosed that her thyroid gland had lost its balance. After testing the blood, some days later, she received the result: the thyroid was still fine, but the sugar concentration in blood was a problem. She got diabetes and it was developing to Type 2 diabetes.

According to a recent research of International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the number of diabetes patients increases from 366 million (2011) to 522 million (2030). But Type 2 diabetes is nothing like that; this disease only happens when you eat too much noshes and drink carbonated drinks. In case of Stephanie, she didn’t take noshes or meat. But she got into the trap that many other slim women got. 

Health threats

In Sahara-Africa where communicable diseases become the biggest threat to health system, the rate of diabetes patients also rockets. People who get diabetes in this continent are counted 14.7 million. This is not surprising, though, because in South Africa, 61% of the population gets obese and 2/3 of them are women. During the past decades, Type 2 Diabetes has many common symptoms with Stephanie: passive and heavy. The patients are at mid-age or older, and recently, diabetes has started to attack young patients.

In America, the number of over-20-years-old people getting diabetes is 65 million – and increases to 57 million in 2007. The scary thing is that people who get Type 2 Diabetes even don’t gain weight, they are not addicted to ice-creams or burgers at all, but their slim bodies still contain potential threats.

Description: Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

Thin outside, fat inside, and stress

Professor Jimmy Bell has studied about a case called TOFI – thin outside, fat inside (the appearance looks slim but the inside gets obese. TOFI is hard to be recognized because fat sticks to internal organs instead of forming under the skin. The organs’ fat layer is always more dangerous than the fat forming right under the skin. It can be harmful to the liver and the pancreas, making insulin sensitiveness decreases and pushing you to Type 2 Diabetes. That is the reason why you look slim, but in fact, you are growing fatter from the inside.

Description: You may be a victim of TOFI.

You may be a victim of TOFI.

TOFI symptoms are getting worse when patients often fast but don’t do exercises and control the weight – this is a bad habit that women usually ignore during slimming process. The fact is that exercise is basically aimed at decreasing sugar concentration in blood. Even fair exercises have the function of forming muscles to decrease glucose by 20 times in comparison with normal situations (normal movements also help to reduce the fat in internal organs).

It is the fact that most women ignore. They don’t have breakfast but take energetic drink for lunch. After school, they eat noshes such as biscuits, spaghetti, fried chip, etc. before sinking in parties with friends. They don’t do exercise because they are too confident in a sugar-les menu. Consequently, although they look slim in their standard body, they stand a high chance of high sugar concentration and internal organs’ obese.

According to nutrition exports, when you lose weight because of fasting, you will lose your muscles as well. And when you gain weight again, more fat will be piled up. In other words, with having a diet by fasting, you will lose a lot of muscles, leading to internal organs’ fat and an increase in sugar in blood.

Another top reason that causes TOFI and diabetes is the daily stress. When you are in a stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol which steals your energy. Concurrently, cortisol increases the sugar concentration in blood if the stress situation is prolonged. Moreover, scientists prove that too much cortisol will lead to fat-storing disorder, making more fat silently stick to internal organs. In general, stress will bring you a higher chance of getting TOFI. 

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