Benefit for pregnant women to exercise every day is nothing to argue anymore. But many pregnant women still wonder: how to exercise safely in uncomfortably hot weather today?

Consult the experts

The best way is that you should consult your doctor or ask the experts in fitness classes before you start any exercise. Every day, spend about 30 minutes exercising and schedule in the summer day is nothing changed comparing to the previous.

Because, according to experts, exercise is safe for pregnant women in the hot summer. If necessary, you can change in practice time or conditioning environment.

You do not need to give up the habit of practicing your favorite sports, just refer a few tips below.

The best way is that you should consult your doctor or ask the experts in fitness classes before you start any exercise.

The best way is that you should consult your doctor or ask the experts in fitness classes before you start any exercise.

Water is essential

Water is the best friend of pregnant women, especially in the summer. This is more important when they exercise.

First, you should drink plenty of water." When you are loss water, the risk of preterm birth is very high. You can also get urinary tract infections as well as other symptoms such as headache. Pregnant women who do not exercise have to drink about 8 glasses a day. Those who exercise need to drink more because of much sweating. However, you should pay attention to what you drink. Iced tea and other drinks containing caffeine can cause eager for water.

Second, pregnant women can exercise in water environment. Exercising in water is less pressure on the muscles, improve circulation and keep the body from overheating.

Finally, drink much water to cool the body. After exercising, take a shower for the body to relax completely.

Pregnant woman should drink more water when playing sport

Pregnant women should drink more water when playing sport

Pay attention to time and place to exercise

This does not need to think. Limit exercising in hottest time. Avoid from 11am to 1 pm. The rising suddenly of body temperature, especially for pregnancy, can affect to fetus. No one has crazy idea of running at lunch time at all.

Location of practice, you should seek air-conditioned. Places like this are often classes at the local or the gym. You can also walk in the evening, cool place.

Wear appropriate clothing

Experts suggest that should wear light, thin, sweat absorption. Kinds of clothes with fabric material of high technology can easily absorb sweat from the skin, and help you feel cooler and more comfortable. During the last months of pregnancy, you should wear loose cool clothing.

When you choose a gym suit, the most important is underwear and shoes. Underwear should absorb sweat. Pregnant women’s feet often swell most in the summer, so you should buy a pair of shoes fit, do not take advantage of old shoes because it's too tight.

Do not practice too much

During pregnancy, your body has a lot of changes, it needs more blood so that you can deal with high or low blood pressure, and fetus also needs more oxygen. Additionally, hot air combined with high body temperature will make you sweat a lot and cause fatigue. So you should not exercise too much.

When your body gets tired, stop training and take a rest. The rest is the most necessary at this time. You should only walk about 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening.

The best exercises this summer


The prenatal yoga classes meet the standards of time and ideal location to practice.

pregnant is doing meditaion. yoga is good for health of the unborn baby

Pregnant is doing meditation. Yoga is good for health of the unborn baby


In swimming pool, you will feel cooler. However, do not forget to apply sunscreen lotion if you swim outdoors.

Walk in the evening and early morning

These are the two most pleasant and coolest time to walk.

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