No family picnic or road trip is complete without an old-school vacuum flask. We tested 15 to see how well they retained heat, how leak-proof they were, how easy they were to use and more. Here are our top eight performers

Outdoor favourites

These vacuum flasks are perfect for outdoor family get-togethers. We loved the nifty stoppers that double as storage units for tea, bags coffee or sugar. The flasks retained heat, didn’t leak or spill when pouring and were easy to use. The perfectly designed handle of this two-cup silver flask ($160, cape Union Mart) (1) made it much easier to handle and carry. The Milton Esprit ($49.99, Pick n Pay) (2) and the navy flask ($74.99, Clicks) (3) also come with two cups, and both were favourites too.

Description: Two-cup silver flask $160

Two-cup silver flask $160

Description: Milton Esprit $49.99

Milton Esprit $49.99

Description: Navy flask $74.99

Navy flask $74.99

Stylish finish

These stylish flasks kept the hot drinks and cold drinks cold and didn’t leak or spill when pouring. The cool blue design of the Simple Choice flask ($99.99, Game) (4) makes it stand out from the crowd, as does out from the fabulous silver, two-cup flask ($199, @home) (5). The Isosteel flask ($379, Duesouth) (6) got the thumbs up for its push-button stopper, which closes automatically when you screw the cup back on. It also has two cups and a solid-grip handle.

Description: Simple Choice flask $99.99

Simple Choice flask $99.99

Description: Two-cup flask $199

Two-cup flask $199

Description: Isosteel flask $379

Isosteel flask $379

Bright ideas

We loved these flasks’ large and sturdy design. They retained heat and didn’t leak or spill when pouring. Add a pop of colour to your outdoor essentials with this radiant orange flasks ($69.99, Checkers) (7), which comes with three cups and a screw-in stopper that ensures a tight seal. Get the classic picnic look and opt for a bold, red flask with a tartan design and two cups ($79.99, Checkers) (8).

Description: Orange flasks $69.99

Orange flasks $69.99

Description: Two cups $79.99

Two cups $79.99

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