Pregnancy is a hard and tired period of each woman, so let your husband help with during this period.

Description: Things pregnant women should asks their husbands for help

Things pregnant women should asks their husbands for help

1.     Let your husband buy, cook or give you a ride to eat foods you like when having morning sickness

Morning sickness is a sensitive time; you specially need love, care, and interest from your husband. Suggest to your husband to buy or cook foods that you salivate. Or more simply, let him find and take you to the restaurant that has desired dishes.

2.     Ask him to massage your feet

Your feet will be swelled along time. You should ask your husband to gently massage your feet. Massaging from calf, to foot and toes helps your feet circulate blood, limit swelling and pain.

3.     Read books and newspapers with your husband

Reading books, newspapers, websites about pregnant health with your husband help him understand more about difficulties that you are facing with, as well as together overcome all problems in pregnancy.

4.     Let your husband carry you to go for antenatal care

Encourage your partner to carry you to pregnant checkup, ultrasound. Beside your husband, you will be calm and reduce anxiety in each antenatal care. Moreover, it is also the way helping father be more responsible with baby still in the womb.

Description: Let your husband take care of you during pregnancy

Let your husband take care of you during pregnancy.

5.     Let your husband clean the bathroom

During pregnancy, the chemical cleaners in the toilet can increase the feeling of morning sickness, or even danger to the baby. Therefore, you should ask your husband to wash up, clean toilets during this time.

6.     Ask for your husband’s help if you cannot eat all

Many women during pregnancy have psychology that they need to eat for two. The fact is that you only need to extra about 200-300 calories per day, equivalently to eat 2-3 snacks a day. If you feel too overwhelming because of eating, you should suggest your husband share. So you will no longer have to worry about gaining weight too much.

7.     Massage the head

Pretty many women have migraine during pregnancy. The pain can be extremely annoying. Pain medication in this period should have counseling and special monitoring from your doctor. However, you can ask your husband to gently massage the temples. While you are lying down, put on your forehead and eyes with a cool towel.

8.     Ask him to take you out for dinner

Going out for dinner is the way to change the atmosphere when you are too tired to cook after a work day. Be taken out for dinner by husband also makes you feel happier because of interested and loved feeling.

9.     Make you laugh

Concerns during pregnancy can cause stress. Thus, potential of your partner’s making laugh is very useful at that time. He will make you feel happy, relieved and life love.

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