Not all of advices in pregnancy are correct.

When you become pregnant, you will receive a lot of advice from women that used to become pregnant or useful knowledge for pregnancy in some place. However, not all of the things that you hear are correct. The best way is that you should ask doctors or nutritious experts about the things that you don’t understand so that you can receive exact answer.

Women often catch the following incorrect views in pregnancy:

Getting pregnant means eating for both mother and child

It’s a pity for you to know that when pregnancy testing stick informs you happy new and this thing doesn’t mean that you can eat comfortably. In reality, to provide enough nutrients for babies to develop, you only need to be provided 300 calories every day in portion of pregnant women. In reality, providing more energy isn’t necessary until beginning 3 months that are in the middle of pregnancy. You should know that increasing weight a lot can lead to complications such as pregnancy diabetes, puerperal eclampsia. Therefore, keeping weight in limit that is advised is an important thing. The best way is that you should ask doctor to know that how many weights that you should gain to be the most suitable.

According to experts, women that have suitable weight before being pregnant should increase about 11-16 kilograms. Women whose weight is low before being pregnant should increase from 12 to 18 kilograms. Women that have redundant weight before being pregnant should eat from 7-11 kilograms. Obese women should follow doctor’s direction, but they only increase from 6-9 kilograms. To being pregnant with twins, pregnant women should increase from 16-20 kilograms.

Morning sickness only takes place in the first 3 months

This thing isn’t completely correct. About 80% of pregnant women nauseate and vomit, especially in the first 3 months. However, some types of point acupuncture and tonic can make you reduce tiredness. According to some researches, 1 gram of ginger every day will help you recue nauseating feeling. You can eat in many times in a day with foods that are added ginger, or you can sip ginger jam with tea, you will feel more pleasant.

Eating a vegetarian meal doesn’t affect fetus.

Eating a vegetarian meal can provide pregnant women nutrients, but not enough some substances.

Eating a vegetarian meal can provide pregnant women nutrients, but not enough some substances.

Vegetables, oil, and beans can also provide nutrients for mothers when mothers eat a vegetarian meal and become pregnant. But with vegetarian diet, it’s difficult for mothers to receive enough:

·         Vitamin B12 is naturally found in foods from animals although some breakfast grains can improve substances containing vitamin B12. Therefore, if you eat a vegetarian meal, you should provide vitamin B12 in pregnancy.

·         Vitamin D can easily be found in milk, but mothers must drink more with 3 times/week, a big glass with 300ml for each time to provide enough the amount of vitamin D for body.

·         Fe can be found in bean, soya, amaranth and more. When you take vegetarian meal, you can need the double amount of Fe in diet than women that eat meat.

Saying no to sea foods

Fish and sea foods are rich of omega 3 fatty acids. They can provide necessary nutrients for pregnant women and help newborn-babies develop healthily. In 2002, according to a research that was published on British Medical Magazine, women that eat fish in the first period will reduce the risk of premature birth and light weight for babies. Other researches show that omega 3 can help pregnant women reduce depression after giving birth. Another report in 2007 at Lancet - a famous medical magazine - also shows that if pregnant women eta a lot of fish, it will help increase intelligence for babies. The research even shows that if pregnant women don’t provide sea foods in pregnancy, it will make process of developing fetus’s brain slow.

Sea foods are very useful for pregnant women.

Sea foods are very useful for pregnant women.

Massaging womb regularly

Many pregnant women often think that taking with their children will help them and their children closer. This thing is correct; however you shouldn’t fondle babies by rubbing womb as well as massaging womb in this period. All of these actions have bad effects to fetus. Rubbing womb regularly will stimulate uterus, makes uterus pulsate and as a result, it will lead to premature birth.

Pregnant women shouldn’t use computer

The most complex problem that you can meet when you sit in a long time in front of computer is backache. In addition, it won’t affect your health and fetus in your womb. In pregnancy, you can completely use cellphone, TV, microwave..., so why can’t you use computer? According to obstetricians, this thing is completely incorrect. Therefore, pregnant women that work in office can feel secure because this equipment is safe for mothers and babies.

Pregnant women that work in offices can feel secure to use computer.

Pregnant women that work in offices can feel secure to use computer.

Guessing sex of fetus basing on eating and drinking

The most popular mistake to pregnant women is guessing sex of fetus through habit of eating and drinking in pregnancy. Women often think that eating salt foods in pregnancy, you will have a boy. On the contrary, if you crave for sweet things, you will have daughter. This is completely incorrect view because craving for something in pregnancy because you may lack that substance or it also depends on your hobby, not sex of fetus.

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