The employment market is changing fast, and many of the roles we’ll want in the future haven’t been invented yet. So here’s a heads-up on tomorrow’s hottest jobs – and how to make sure you get them.

Description: Welcome to your career future

Welcome to your career future

You don’t need us to tell you that the job market is a scary place right now. But it’s an exciting one, too. It’s not that there are no longer jobs for life; more that there’s no guarantee you can stick with one industry. But just as some get hit (like architecture, which took a direct strike when construction collapsed during the recession), others emerge. Just think: a decade ago, Facebook didn’t exist, let alone social media managers or ‘ghost Tweeters’.

“If there’s one thing the past decade has taught us, it’s that in another ten years, a significant portion of people will be doing jobs and using technology that doesn’t exist now,” says Dr. Charlie Ball of the Higher Education Careers Services Unit. “A key skill is the ability to be extremely adaptable, as that’s what you’ll need to be throughout your whole career.”

So while we’re bearing the brunt of what’s gone wrong, we also have an advantage: having grown up with the internet, this stuff comes naturally. The key is to think strategically. “If women want great careers, they need to be at the heart of what’s growing in the UK: science, technology and engineering,” echoes Professor Lynda Gratton, author of The Shift: The Future of Work Is Already Here. Add these to the jobs we’ll always need (like plumbers) and your 21st –century career plan starts looking a whole lot healthier.

Today’s careers – tomorrow

Today Lawyer

Tomorrow Legal counsel for a music streaming service

Criminal barristers might get all the glory in TV dramas, but it’s not the only legal job out there. As books, film and music move off your shelves and onto the internet, someone has to make sure it’s all above board, so lawyers are in the money – and the luckiest ones will do some very cool jobs.

“Intellectual property is a field that’s growing,” says Professor Gratton. Many big law firms, such as multinational Reed Smith, have departments specializing in music and technology (and offer the potential to earn six-figure sums). Work at a music-streaming service like Spotify and you’ll spend your day negotiating with record labels and publishers for the rights to stream their music.

Today teacher

Tomorrow e-learning developer

With full-time positions down 40% in a year, newly qualified teachers are having the hardest time finding jobs. So what is on the rise? Online courses, or e-learning – meaning young, tech-savvy teachers are in prime position to snap up the jobs, whether it’s for universities or private companies. “Classroom teaching is not always cost-effective any more – and e-learning is a lot more convenient,” says Julie Clare, an adviser with the national Careers Service. You job might entail making videos or podcasts for mobile phones or the web, or maintaining an online classroom – aka a virtual learning environment. Expect to make the same kind of money as you would teaching at a primary school.

Today Relationship counselor

Tomorrow Divorce change agent

Rather than trying to fix the relationship, as a marriage counselor would, divorce change agents focus on helping the newly single get past the pain and learn not to hate their ex. While some use traditional psychotherapy, Marina Pearson of divorceshift.com combines cutting-edge therapies such as ‘matrix re-imprinting’ (which aims to reconfigure negative memories) with neuro-linguistic programming (which aims to transform how you think, speak and feel) and meditation to help women work through their anger and release physical stress. You don’t require training to be a counselor, but you'll need it if you want accreditation from a respected organization like the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (bacp.co.uk). if you’re interested in learning about matrix re-imprinting, see eftcourseul.com, while nlpacademy.co.uk runs courses in NLP.

Description: Today Relationship counselor, Tomorrow Divorce change agent

Today Relationship counselor, Tomorrow Divorce change agent

Today Graphic designer

Tomorrow Infographic creator

“We’re living in an extremely information-rich age, so we need people who can help us make sense of it all,” says Dr. Ball. Cue an explosion in infographics – a way of making data more digestible, through diagrams and charts – and they’re popping up everywhere, from your friends’ Pinterest boards to newspapers.

John Pring of infographic specialists designbysoap.co.uk says demand has surged in the past six months, rising from one or two enquiries a week to three or four a day. “It used to be big businesses that wanted them; now it’s everyone from the NHS to people wanting us to turn their CVs into something visual that will help them stand out.” A background in graphic design is key, but you also need a good head for numbers and an understanding of internet marketing, to tie it all together.

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