Today Screenwriter

Tomorrow Multiplatform storyteller

Once upon a time, people with creative minds would pick an industry – film, TV or maybe even video games – and stick with it. These days, the doors between them have been flung wide open, and the traffic’s moving in every direction. “People who can think up creative content [for things] like films, games or applications that work on a PC, mobile phone or even on the cinema screen are in short supply,” explains Dr. Annette Cox of the Institute for Employment Studies. TV talent shows are the prime example here: they spawn apps, games and extra slips and pictures that you find online or through the red button. If you’re that kind of lateral thinker, check out the courses at University College Falmouth and Goldsmith’s, or visit creativeskillse.org for details of how to build your own industry-endorsed MA and where to find funding.

Description: Today Screenwriter, Tomorrow Multiplatform storyteller

Today Screenwriter, Tomorrow Multiplatform storyteller

Today Private detective

Tomorrow Ethical hacker

If you want the kind of job that comes right out of a movie, how about getting paid to steal money from a bank? PricewaterhouseCoopers is just one company that employs teams of techies to hack into banks, government databases and businesses to find holes in their cyber-security systems, plugging them up before anyone else finds them. Interested? Then enter the Cyber Security Challenge UK, an ongoing competition to find tech-minded problem-solvers. It is sponsored by organisations including BT, the Cabinet Office, Symantec – and PwC, who hired one of the past winners. Most hackers are self-taught, but the Cyber Security Challenge site has lots of resources for those who want to learn more.

Five jobs our kids will be doing

Futurist lan Pearson predicts the professions we’ll need next

Virtual architect: Google’s labs are working on augmented reality (AR) glasses, which will overlay data and graphics on our field of vision, making everything we see customizable. “So you could make a shopping centre look like Downton Abbey to you, while your boyfriend sees a zombie-packed game.” And someone will need to draw the blueprints.

Avatar stylist: “You already choose what your avatar looks like in games, but with AR, someone might choose to see you or an avatar of you and you’ll want to design it: clothes, make-up and so on. Magazines will need extra staff to deal with virtual clothing, as well as the real thing.’

Active make-up developer: “As material science gets better, you’ll see make-up that changes on command. Older people might use it conservatively, changing between lunch and going back to work, but teens will use kaleidoscopic make-up that changes ten times a second.”

Grapheme engineer: Scientists are experimenting with this ultra-thin, ultra-strong material. “It’s very versatile: it may be possible to build a 30km-tall building, or make a straw which will filter out impurities from water, potentially saving millions of lives in developing countries.”

Body-part farmer: “Researchers can already produce special gauzes that let them grow a new piece of kidney or liver, and I expect it to develop further. Soon, we won’t have to worry about bits of our bodies wearing out – we’ll just have a fairly routine operation to get it replaced.”

4 skills to future-proof your CV

“The key to success is standing out,” says Professor Gratton. Here’s how

An unusual language: “If you see yourself working for an organization that might want to do business with China, learn Mandarin,” says Dr. Cox. Want to work in social media? Choose Portuguese: Brazil is one of the fastest-growing markets (third in the world for Facebook users, according to analysts socialbakers.com). try free beginners’ lessons on the Open University website (open.ac.uk)

Personal branding: “Basic IT and social media skills just get you to stage one now,” says professor Gratton. “You’d be mad if you didn’t understand how to manage your own personal brand on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or through a blog. All the smart kids have blogs: it shows you have spark and initiative, and that you just don’t sit around every night playing video games.”

Description: “Basic IT and social media skills just get you to stage one now,”

“Basic IT and social media skills just get you to stage one now,”

Basic programming: “Never underestimate the ability to do basic HTML or use a content management system,” says Dr. Ball. It’s a rare business that doesn’t have a website, and if you know how to update it, you’ll always be useful to have around.

Customer service: If you think this is only useful in retail, you’re wrong. “Customer-care skills are essential in any job where you interact with potential clients, and employers are always looking for them,” says Dr. Cox.

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