No matter which age you are at, there is one thing you always worry about: “weight”. You usually think that the older you are, the less pressure about weight puts on you. But in fact, when you turn new ages, the new problems arise. We have done some surveys on problems that people at 20, 30, and 40 often encounter and we offer some solutions so that you can overcome them.  

20 years old

Concern: freedom

At first, you will be so excited that finally you can get out of your home, but later on, you realize that you should have paid more attention to cooking stuff that mother usually does. But even you have knowledge of cooking, once you can stay away from family supervision, you tend to be socialized, drinking and playing rather than listening to parents’ advice. Before you get at your situation, you have been too fat to put on your jeans and you have had 2 folds on your neck.   


If you have to spend too much time in communicating with outsiders which makes you unable to cook for yourself, or if you can’t live without fast-food, choose a vegetable-rich diet or wheat sandwich and be careful when choosing the diet size. According to Charlene Giovanelli-Nicolson – a diet expert, “Get away from burger and pizza; take enough protein to ensure the muscles in body; try to absorb fatless and calcium-rich food because at this age, the bones reach their peaks”. To count the protein amount you need to take in, multiply your weight by 0.8. For example, 60kg x 0.8 = 48g protein every day. If you don’t know which food contains protein, keep in mind that: chicken chest contains 20g, 1 egg contains 8g, 1 tuna slice contains 20 g and 100g tofu contain 10g.    

If you go out overnight and go to bar, don’t touch cocktail menu. Cocktail contains lots of energy; instead, drink a glass of light beers or wine. In addition, don’t forget to do some gym at least 3 times per week to reduce the result of drinking and over-eating.

Description: Get away from burger and pizza

Get away from burger and pizza

30 years old

Concern: Weight after giving birth

When you feel satisfied with your body, then you have to face with being pregnant and giving birth. The result of eating for you and the baby is as terrible as eating tons of noshes at night. In addition, hormone changing and giving up physical exercises make your waist size bigger in pregnant period.  


A research on 3,600 women of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proves that breast-feeding in the first 6 months can prevent gaining weight because this process can burn 2,090 kJ calories per day. When you stop breast-feeding, taking care of the baby and exhaustion make it impossible for you to keep on a regular diet. Advice from experts for this is that you need to maintain eating diet and choose the healthy and vegetable-rich noshes. Concurrently, you can practice some light exercise and enhance your strength such as yoga or Pilates. These sports can ease the stress, avoiding hunger and increasing metabolism.  

40 years old

Premenopausal period

When you are entering the premenopausal period, estrogen concentration in body decreases and maintains at very low (or very high) level, and this makes you gain weight easily. In premenopausal period, the ample fat in your belly turns your body into apple-shaped one. When you get older, the lean muscles in body decrease, therefore, the mineral in bones and collagen amount are lost as well.


A research confirmed that 40-year-old people would receive more health benefits from strength exercises such as aerobics. The reason is these exercises helps saving the lean muscles and preventing them from losing after years. This is an extremely important point which will help you not to gain weight in the premenopausal period, because a decrease in lean muscles will lead to a slow metabolism process and stimulate gaining weight.

To lose weight, you need to eat less. Instead of reducing parts of energy, reduce the absorbed food amount and divide a big meal into 5 – 6 small meals. Each small meal should contain enough protein and carbohydrates. This helps to stimulate metabolism and prevent you from feeling hunger. Besides, this is also the time you should take some calcium-supplementing drug; each pill usually provide with 500mg calcium and 400IU vitamin D3 at least.

Description: The ample fat in your belly turns your body into apple-shaped one.

The ample fat in your belly turns your body into apple-shaped one.

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