“Most women are busy with their task from the early morning to late evening, getting rattled over the list-to-do and paying attention only to the next tasks. They accept the exhausted situation as a part of their life and waste their happiness and health. These are some tips that help you recover from your exhausted life.” 

Description: Exhausted


It was 6.00 a.m and Alena Burley’s went off. At 7.30am, this 23-year-old girl walked the dog, had breakfast with omelets, took a shower, got dressed and drove 30 minutes to a secondary school to teach. At 4.30, her dog was let to go home, Alena was busy with practicing gym before the evening class and babysitting. Going home after 10.00pm, she was totally exhausted, threw the papers to the table, down to her bed and set the alarm for 6.00am. 

“Sometimes my life seems to be so busy that I feel like relaxing in bathroom for hours. I mess up with everything but when looking around, I see so many people getting busy like me” – said Alena. Of course, getting busy every day is nothing new. Women have been busy for decades and when they jump into industrial world, they face more problems when having to balance between works and families. The typical case of Alena proves that youngsters accept to be exhausted as an essential part of life. But, even if youth can help to resist them, you need to re-consider these negative health signals.

No relaxing

Last year, Disease Controlling and Preventing Center has alarmed about the bad quality sleeps which are spreading in society. US Psychology Association has clarified the difference between the thoughts of stressful patients with their actual health situations. A research reveals that when being exhausted, 80% of women will ignore it. “We are living in a culture that everybody is so familiar with lacks of energy and accepts it as a part of life” – said Frank Lipman, M.D – author of Revive: Stop Feeling Spent and Start Living Again.

There is a popular thought is “We tend to be tired of busy lives, when we were little child, we were busy going to school. When we grow up a little bit, it was getting to the universities and we got accustomed to staying up late and getting up early, then we got word and went busy 24/7 with iPhone and BlackBerry” – said Bradley Carpentier , M.D, expert of exhaustion researching. However, he believed that besides being busy, there is an additional reason that makes woman exhausted: they don’t get accustomed to refusing work. “Social press makes women find all ways to develop their career and own life and the price is exhaustion” - Karin Olson, Ph.D, expert of sleep research. Even women stop working for family life are not exception. Instead of sinking into paperwork, they are busy being wives or mothers. 

Women tend to be guilty more than men when they can’t accomplish everything, so they usually forget their exhaustion, according to Carol Landau, Ph.D – psychologist and pharmacist of Albert Medical School – “we think that we can’t go to sleep because of undone X, Y and Z”. In addition, society has created a concept that family and relationship are priorities, so they feel guilty when they work extra-time at offices.

“Consequently, women are exhausted easily and have little time to take care of their own health. Many feel powerless about this situation but because they can control their lives, they cant find any solution” – said Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription of Happiness.

No feeling of exhaustion

The exhaustion becomes more serious when some women don’t realize that they have it. Serious exhaustion is accompanied by constant release of hormone cortisol – a mental and physical stimulant. This mechanism is identical to when you have a victory in career or private life, your brain helps you feel and experience that. “This process makes woman not realize how exhausted they are, they are attracted by coming success” - said Debbie Mandel, author of Addicted to Stress.

The motivation of accomplishing everything makes women forget how tired they are. The main problem is, no motivation lasts forever, when their health get down, they will involve in a vicious circle of health care and stressful daily work. Sleep therapist Katherine Sharkey,M.D., Ph.D at Rhode Island hospital analyzed: “Women are usually qualmish when there is something undone which brings them mental and physical exhaustion”.

Description: The motivation of accomplishing everything makes women forget how tired they are.

The motivation of accomplishing everything makes women forget how tired they are.

Prevent from growing young again

Like other situations, the first step to improve is recognizing it and its bad consequents. Keep in mind that if you relax too little, it means that you put an amount of poison into your body. Then, all your organs are affected: nerves are out of control, you lose the sexual inspiration and the muscles shrink. Chronic exhaustion affects the immune as well, making you catch cold easily. If you catch insomnia, you will gain weight faster, and a research proves that when driving in exhausted situation is as dangerous as drunk driving. Let’s think: while insomnia is considered a torture to prisoners, you get it every day.   

An additional reason you should take exhaustion into consideration is that many symptoms of it are identical to those of depression. The main symptom of both is the patient is not capable of expressing emotion. Many women are diagnosed as depression in early stage of exhaustion. Most symptoms of exhaustion are easy to recognize such as hollow eyes caused by insomnia, or irritating feelings and over-sensitiveness. Exhaustion may lead to arguments with colleague and the task is hardly done as you wish.  


For those reasons, it’s time you needed to get back the energy and take care of your health with these simple pieces of advice:

Sleep enough

An adult should sleep from 7 – 9 hours every day. Remain this habit in a fixed hour frame. If you change the frame, even only 30 – 60 minutes, it may change your biology clock and make you tired the next morning.

Description: Sleep from 7 – 9 hours every day

Sleep from 7 – 9 hours every day

Energy from food

Start a day with a poor nutrition breakfast such as toasted bread and a glass of milk coffee will have bad impacts on the metabolism and make you exhausted rapidly. Make sure your breakfast contain 20 gr protein and lipid, you will have full of energy. Try nut butter and fatless yogurt with some nuts on the top. 

Work relaxingly

Relaxing doesn’t mean wasting time. The morning working time may deliver wise and high attention during working. Focus on thinking in morning will help your brain to be excited with better working performance. Spend 20 minutes on relaxing and looking back at yourself after breakfast.

Balance in life

Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend 18 hours to seek for success. Interests, passion out of work may bring you satisfaction as well. “I call it the creative psychological balance” – said Mandel – “this process helps you to recover because you have a motivation of doing something for yourself”. Think about your interests: cooking, reading, drawing and spend 1 – 2 hours per week on doing that. In addition, spend time with people who are able to balance their lives and help you with their points of view. Gradually, you will be helped to get rid of exhaustion.

Description: Cooking may bring happiness

Cooking may bring happiness

Get away from harmful habits, such as:

Loss of water: If you lose 3% of water in your body, your mental state may be down and you will distract. After that, you will feel dizzy and you get a headache. Don’t think that your body needs some food, take 1 – 2 glasses of water. 

Mobile phone: Using mobile phone before getting to sleep will strongly affect brain’s performance, making you feel difficult to sleep. Moreover, the artificial green light from it will restrain the hormone melatonin for sleep. A research done in 2011 of National Sleep Foundation revealed that 20% of 19-20 year-old people are sleepless because of calls, SMSs or emails at least some days per week. So, you should turn off the phone before sleeping.

Medicine: Many kinds of medicine cover a side-effect which is a cause of exhaustion. Most of such medicines are pain-killers and specific medicine for vestibule disorder and high blood pressure.

Intensive exercise: Exercise will stimulate hormone causing stress called cortisol, prolong the sweating process. For example, when you jog for 30 minutes at regular speed, your will participate in producing cortisol. So, you should have some intervals among intensive exercises and strength exercises. Then you can control the cortisol amount.

Low mineral amount: Mineral helps oxygen to circulate easily in your body as well as get rid of waste from the cells. If you don’t get enough 18 mg of minerals every day, you may get disorders and you fell exhausted. Low Iron amount will lead to anaemia. If you still feel glassy, ask your doctor about testing blood and take some supplementing medicine.

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